Let Go of Your Past – It is Never Too Late to Start Over

Let Go of Your Past – It is Never Too Late to Start Over

    Let go of your past

    Question: for all you mower lovers out there.

    Why is it you love to mow?

    We have about .75 acres to mow at our home. I just push mowed about .25 and am tired already. Why is it is easier to let go of things, when it is a burden. What I mean is, I am so ready to put up a pole barn, large pond, lots of flowers, etc, to have less yard to mow.

    Why is it easier to let go of things, when it is a burden, but harder to let go of things when not a burden. For example, why do we cling to our favorite shirt, or item in the home, that just sits in our closet or on a shelf collecting dust for years. We even forget about it. The favorite shirt does not even fit anymore, but we have to hang on to it for what….sentimental reason, we may lose weight, etc.

    Or…does the shirt or item in the house actually cause a burden in reality. My opinion is yes. It does cause a burden, in that it holds us back. It makes us cling to the past. In the past, we have done a blog about us as a company encouraging you to keep things, or be hoarders. Read that blog at https://www.timecapsule.com/wedding-memories-stories-and-decorating-ideas/19-items-to-save-from-your-wedding-day-hording-is-encouraged/. In reality, perspective seems to change as you get older.

    Letting Go -1

    What are you missing out on life by not letting go and starting over? Besides, for us women, it can be another excuse to go shopping, by letting go of that favorite shirt or item in your closet or on your shelf.

    A time capsule, is actually an item that forces you to think of the main things you want to preserve. It forces you to choose those important sentimental items to save and pass on to future generations. Get your decorative and unique time capsule at www.timecapsule.com. It is important to look at the priorities in your life, and get rid of things that hold you stagnant. To help you filter through what to keep and what to give away or throw away, check out this article at http://www.wikihow.com/Let-Go-of-Sentimental-Clutter about how to let go of sentimental clutter. So, just like that popular song says in the movie, Frozen, “Let it Go.” Sorry, for those of you who will be singing that the rest of your day now. It gets stuck in your head, believe me I know.

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    All in all, I hope it does not rain much this week, to make the grass grow. I am not looking forward to push mowing anytime soon again. Man, we have go to fix that riding mower honey.

    If you need a daily reminder of how important this concept of letting go is, check out the vinyl wall quote at http://vinylcraze.com/living-room/653-remember-the-moments-past-future-present.html

    What item do you need to “let go” of in your home? Comment below.

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0 thoughts on “Let Go of Your Past – It is Never Too Late to Start Over

  1. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of grass to mow! I don’t think I would enjoy that very much!

    I do have some sentimental clutter. Not much, but some. There are some keepsakes (particularly items from people who have died, that I need to see… it feels like I’m connecting with them by looking at or holding the items. I’ll have to check out your other articles on sentimental clutter.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    • Marcie Norton says:


      Thank you for your comment. I completely understand about saving specific items from our loved ones who have passed. I am sorry for your loss. Those items are irreplaceable. That is the point of the time capsule, it is a much more tangible way to connect with our past family and friends who are gone. Thank you for checking out our other blogs. I hope they help you. Pass them on to some of your friends or family to read themselves. I will be visiting your website and blog this week again.

      Thank you for sharing.


  2. Vivayne says:

    Great blog post. You have a lovely site. Thanks for your kind words on my blog today. Looks like we like much of the same things. I have a background in Scrapbooking as well!

    • Marcie Norton says:

      You are very welcome Vivayne. Thank you for your comment and kind words about our website as well. You know they do say, “Great minds think alike,” so I guess we are brilliant in the area of scrapbooking. I hope you enjoy your time making more memories in the future with your family and friends, to take photos of and preserve.