Birthday Time Capsule Video Questions

Birthday Time Capsule Video Questions


Make a Birthday Time Capsule Video

Check out these fun birthday time capsule video questions, after you read this exciting story.

She had all the balloons set up, food spread out on the table and the card game started with her son on his birthday. It started out just like any other birthday party he had in the past.

But, this one was going to be different this time. This one was a surprise party in two different ways. One, he had no clue who all was going to just show up randomly at the house to “drop by” and say “hi or happy birthday.” Secondly, there was  a birthday time capsule waiting for him to open once everyone arrived finally. It was going to be a day to remember.

Can’t you just see this special event now in your imagination?

It was a time capsule moment as his old elementary, high-school, and life long friends and mentors arrived at the house for his birthday. The look on his face was priceless. The room started to fill with laughter and tears and memories were shared. “I haven’t seen you in years…” he said. “What have you been up to lately?” Let the memory flooding begin as stories are told of the “good old days.”

Then, the Birthday Time Capsule was brought out to the table. What do you think was in it? He forgot he started to fill out time capsule questions years ago as a child. It is amazing how when we keep something special tucked away somewhere in the home, we eventually forget about it. However, that is the point of a time capsule, so that by the time you open it up again, you get to reminisce and remember what life was like when you were age 5, 10, or any age 20, 30, or 50 years earlier. There is no special date. You decide when you want to open your own Birthday Time Capsule.

As a reflection of his past, it was fun and funny to watch old embarrassing videos that were saved of him in cute skits as a child at church and school. There was another video (made 20 years ago) included that asked thought provoking questions about his future similar to the following ones listed. It is like a “digital diary.”

List of Sample Birthday Time Capsule Video Questions

  • Have you met someone yet/married?
  • Do you have any kids (how many)?
  • Are you happy?
  • Are you still into solar energy?
  • Did you ever travel out of the country?
  • Have you bought a house?
  • What is it like being a father now?
  • Did you ever find a way to focus all your creative energy/start your own business?
  • Where are you at in your spiritual journey?
  • How is your relationship with your family? When did you last call them?
  • How many grandchildren does your parents have?
  • Are you out of debt yet? Did you pay off your car yet?
  • What kind of cell phone do you have now? I bet it will be better than the one you have now.
  • What keeps you working or motivated to reach your goals in life now, compared to the past?
  • Are you still in good shape or eating healthy? How much weight have you lost/gained?
  • Where do you work now? Did your volunteer years influence what you do now?

"Any Occasion" DIY Time Capsule

These are just some of the questions that you can ask yourself or someone else for a Birthday Time Capsule video. Next week we will discuss more about things to put in a Birthday Time Capsule. It was fun watching all the family and friends laugh at some of his answers now, compared to 20 years ago when the video was made. Priceless.

Make your own Birthday Time Capsule using our “Any Occasion” DIY Time Capsules to put any photos you want on the outside of the time capsule tin. Then add all the mementos and souvenirs you want to celebrate years later. Also included are “Message to the Future” stationary sets to write letters of prediction or words of wisdom for the person to read on their birthday years into the future, when the time capsule is opened. Get your own DIY Birthday Time Capsule here.

What would you ask in a Birthday Time Capsule to be opened 20 or 30 years later? Comment below.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie

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