Feelings are important to everyone. It is true.  People will forget what you said to them and all the good things you do,
but they will never forget how you make them feel.  It doesn’t matter what you say or do.  It doesn’t matter how many world or local records you hold.  It doesn’t matter how big of an audience you have . . . If you cannot make people feel loved and cared about, they will never remember you.

I have worked with youth through our church for many years.  I volunteered under a man named Doug and he soon handed the reigns of the ministry over to a man named Tim.  Tim was a great man.  Not because of all the wonderful things he did.  Not because of all the wonderful things he said.  He wasn’t a particularly great guitar player, nor was he an eloquent speaker.  Tim was a great man because he knew how to connect with people to make them feel like they were important.

As a young man, in my early twenties, he took the time to truly mentor me.  We would go out and minister to people, then we would “hang out” as friends.  Our main program was on Friday nights and after all the kids had left, all of the adults would head out to a late-night-restaurant like Applebee’s to hang out and talk.  This interaction taught me that life is not always about what you do.

Tim had an amazing gift for making me feel uncomfortable.  While this sounds like a bad thing, it wasn’t.  The reality is that Tim wanted to expand my horizons.  Tim wanted to teach me that to really make a difference in people’s lives, we needed to be a part of their lives.  As a result, he taught me to talk to kids and really listen to them.  He taught me to be available to them and to be ready to take action when it became necessary.  These were not things that I was comfortable with, but now, as I am in my 40’s, I understand how needed this is in the world.  It has been said that a ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not what a ship was built for.  A ship is built to sail the seas!  The kids do not care how much I know until they know how much I care.  When I care for a person, then I can influence their lives.  Tim was trying to get me to sail outside of the safe harbor and into the oceans so that I could be useful.

At the time, I did not realize how much of an impact Tim had on my life.  I also didn’t realize how much of an impact I was making on the youth’s lives to which we were ministering.  I met with Tim about 3 months ago for the first time in several years.  We began discussing all the kids we have seen since we stopped working with that ministry.  As I began to list the kids that I am still in contact with and talk about the special relationships we still maintain, I realize why Tim was pushing me.  I realize that 15 years after I began those relationships, I am still an anchor for some of these people.  I realize that I love them dearly and they me.

A Time Capsule brings back Feelings

Now, you may be asking what all this has to do with Time Capsules . . . Everything.  You see, a Time Capsule is about capturing a moment in time and preserving it for the future.  The one thing that remains the same is that things always change.  Time waits for no man or woman.  Prices will always go up.  Our lives will always move on.  Change is inevitable.  Capturing a moment by making a Time Capsule is not really about what is going on in the moment so much as it is about connecting that moment in the future.  We forget things.  We forget the feelings surrounding an event.

I have been on many roller coasters in my lifetime.  I know what they are like, but I forget the thrill of the moment.  There is nothing like the last few seconds before the coaster begins to speed up at the top of the hill.  It is pure excitement.  I know what that feels like, but I forget everything that is involved.  That is true of the Time Capsule as well.  You capture that moment, just before your life changes forever, and save all the emotions, excitement, thrill, joy, enthusiasm, and surroundings of the moment so, in the future, you can return and ride the roller coaster again.

How dreadful it would be if we allow a Milestone Moment to pass us by, never to return.  Never to be relived.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Order your Time Capsule today, by clicking here!

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Mark