Make a First Grade School Time Capsule

Make a First Grade School Time Capsule

Make a first grade School Time Capsule


Let’s learn how to make a first grade school time capsule today. So they already have school  supplies out at the big box stores. Some schools are starting back up earlier this year. Poor kids. I remember when my Summer break was actually 3 great, long months of freedom from homework. It was fantastic!

Some kids actually are excited to go back to school. I know I was one of those kids sometimes. I could not wait to go school shopping to buy new clothes, supplies, etc. It was a time of family bonding with my parents. My mom especially used our school shopping time to learn about my personality and what clothes I liked or did not like. She used the shopping experience to teach me how to budget, and find great buys for my money.

As school starts back up, I am reminded some days of how I do not remember what all I did as a child to get ready for school. I also do not remember every fun project or worksheet I did in my classes. More importantly, I do not remember each and every day of laughs or great memories created at school. This is why I want to challenge you to make a school time capsule with your child this year, especially your child is going into the first grade. Imagine opening that time capsule when your first grader graduates high school when a senior. What all kinds of memories could you save in the time capsule to represent this year, that you could look back on in the future. Imagine the excitement of seeing what is in the time capsule when you  open it in the future.

What to put in a First Grade School Time Capsule

We do not recommend you bury your time capsule, but instead display it in your home to taunt your child for years. You can put it on their shelf in their bedroom, or hide it in a closet if you do not trust them and think they may open it early. You do not want your memorabilia destroyed, while in the ground which is why we tell you to display it instead. I know they say ‘duck tape works for everything,’ but don’t trust it to seal a time capsule for the ground.

  • Letter written by your child and their teacher, like filling out a “Message to the Future” predictions letter about what cars, homes, or other things will be like in the future.
  • Video recording of popular tv shows at this time.
  • Newspaper articles about popular events at this time.
  • Popular toys or favorite toy from your child in the first grade. (keep the price tag on the toy)
  • Photo of your class from school, your house you lived in at that time.
  • Popular baseball or sports cards
  • A favorite shirt your child wore all the time for first grade.
  • A magazine of new homes and their cost at that time.
  • List of prices of gas, milk, bread, and other daily expenses.
  • Current music from the year of your first grader.
  • Fill out an “About Me” activity sheet.
  • Have your first grader answer the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
  • Trace their hand on construction paper to save.
  • Drawings from your first grader and report cards or other favorite artwork you saved.
  • etc

Family History - Any Occasion DIY Time Capsule - Be a Part of History

Make your own First Grade Time Capsule today with your child. Click here to start. We have an “Any Occasion” DIY Time Capsule, so you can have your kids put any photo of themselves, their friends, or whatever they want to decorate the outside to make a first grade school time capsule. Your child can even paint or draw on the outside of their time capsule. Then, on the inside have your first grader put their favorite memories and mementos in, to preserve it until he or she graduates high school. Then have a big party with your family and your kids friends over, and have them open their very own first grade school time capsule. What a priceless moment that will be.

It is amazing to see how old things come back again in the world to be popular again, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I remember playing with my brothers with them. They were my Barbies’ dates at the time when I was younger. Now you see people wearing shirts again from these old (I mean new) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

What other popular items can you think of that has come back again? Comment below and let us know.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie

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