Ideas Checklist                                           Ideas Check List

             Print this list and use it to help you gather items for your Time Capsule
Note: not all suggestions will apply to all events.



From the Special Day:

__ A local daily newspaper
__ A videotape of the local nightly news
__ A national newspaper (USA Today)
__ A television guide
__ A weekly news magazine (Time, Newsweek)
__ An entertainment magazine (People, US)
__ Special interest magazines (Sports Illustrated)

Throughout the year:

__ Newspaper front pages with major headlines
__ Ticket stubs (concerts, movies, sporting events, etc.)
__ Sports trading cards (or other collectibles)
__ A list of popular expressions (slang)
__ A popular toy or doll (Beanie Babies®, Pet Rock, etc.)
__ A sample of product packaging (empty Coke® can, etc.)
__ An extended family tree
__ A floor plan of your home
__ A popular CD or taped radio show (top-10 music hits)
__ A copy of a future-oriented magazine
__ Your favorite magazine
__ A menu from a favorite restaurant
__ Items from your job or school (business card, etc.)
__ Year-in-review issues of magazines or newspapers

Messages/Letters to the Future®:Ideas Checklist for Time Capsule

__ From Mom
__ From Dad
__ From Grandma _________________
__ From Grandpa _________________
__ From Grandma _________________
__ From Grandpa _________________
__ From Aunts/Uncles
__ From Friends


Have a scavenger hunt and take all of these photos in a single afternoon

__ The exterior of a gas station (including price board)
__ Downtown or suburban skyline and storefronts
__ A succession of cars traveling down the street
__ Advertising billboards
__ Scenes from your neighborhood
__ The outside of your favorite restaurant
__ Movie theater marquee with movies listed
__ Anything that you think is likely to change
__ Interior and exterior shots of your home
__ Photos of you in your favorite daily clothes
__ Photos of your car(s)
__ Photos of your workplace/School
__ Vacation or fun-time photos

With Video/DVD camera:

__ A video tour of your home
__ A video tour of your work
__ A video tour of your daily life
__ A Predictions for the Future session with friends in front of the camera
__ Family history interviews
__ Video Messages to the Future®


From TV on VCR/DVD:

__ Popular or favorite TV shows
__ Year-in-review specials (usually in December)
__ Major sporting events (Super Bowl, etc.)
__ Major news events
__ Music videos
__ Awards programs (Academy Awards®, etc.)
__ Popular cartoons

On audiotape or CD:
__ Top-10 music hits
__ 45 or 90 minutes of radio programming
__ Audio Messages to the Future®

For Baby’s Time Capsule:
__ Baby’s and Mom’s I.D. bracelets
__ Baby’s name card
__ New baby cards and letters
__ Baby’s first outfit
__ Baby’s first photo
__ Souvenir birth certificate
__ Sibling drawings or messages

For Wedding Time Capsule:
__ Items/records from planning wedding
__ Cake top
__ Wedding cards
__ Items from honeymoon

Catalogs and Brochures:
__ A fashion catalog
__ A general merchandise catalog (Sears/J.C. Penney)
__ A new car brochure or ad
__ Travel brochures

Daily documents: __ A receipt from the grocery store
__ A paycheck stub or utility bills
__ A copy of a tax return
__ A copy of a credit card bill
__ A voided personal check

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