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Choosing an opening date for your Baby Time Capsule

We recommend that you wait at least 16 years before allowing your child to open his or her Baby’s Time Capsule. This time frame will ensure that a variety of change has taken place-and that your child will be old enough to appreciate the effort that has gone into preparing it as well as the intrinsic value of its contents. Here are a few suggestions:


Other than becoming a teenager, this is the first age milestone that recognizes your child is nearing adulthood. Historically, 16th birthdays have held special significance in U.S. culture. If your child is of above-average maturity and clearly appreciates items of historical value, his or her 16th birthday could present the opportunity to open Baby’s Time Capsule. Caution: Opening Baby’s Time Capsule at this early age could minimize the overall impact if your child is not old enough to fully appreciate its significance.


This, the age of legal adulthood in the United States, could present a fine opportunity to open Baby’s Time Capsule. Maybe your child will be headed off to college-or that first apartment. You may want to open the capsule in conjunction with your child’s high school graduation celebration. Once again, this timing would be acceptable only if your child is clearly more mature than most contemporaries.


As another cultural milestone, your child’s 21st birthday could very well be the ideal opening date. College graduation day-or the day your child lands his or her first “real” job-presents a fine opportunity for an opening celebration.


This is likely the better age to open Baby’s Time Capsule. Most children have completed their education, landed a responsible job, and have begun learning how to manage their personal affairs. Maybe your child will be thinking of marriage or children at this point in life. This is the age at which your child would be most likely to fully appreciate the value of his or her Baby’s Time Capsule-and the effort that you took to complete it 25 years ago.


The arrival of the next generation-the birth of your grandchild-presents the perfect opportunity for your child (an appreciative new parent) to open his or her Baby’s Time Capsule. What better way to convey the careful effort and unique perspective that went into the creation of this decades-old commitment? The gift of a Baby’s Time Capsule for your newborn grandchild would be a wonderful culmination to your own child’s Time Capsule opening ceremony.

Choosing an opening date for your Wedding Time Capsule


Your Diamond Anniversary: Your first major anniversary. Certainly, your lives and the world around you will have changed enough in that time span to make the capsule opening a fascinating event. You may have children by then. Reading Letters to the Future from friends with whom you have lost touch might encourage a reunion.


Your Silver Anniversary: A milestone anniversary that demonstrates the dedication you have placed on making your marriage work. By this time, you may have grown children (who may even be getting married themselves). Daily life definitely will have changed. Men and women will probably have walked on Mars and your hair might be turning gray. We recommend the 25-year anniversary as the ideal capsule-opening occasion.


Your Golden Anniversary: “The big one.” But who can wait that long? We suggest not waiting 50 years to open your capsule. A better idea would be to make your Golden Anniversary a second or third opening.


Another option is to open and reseal your capsule after every milestone anniversary, adding new memorabilia with each opening.

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