As the years went on, Jeff decided to explore other business interests and sold the company in 2005. The Company was purchased by some friends.

In 2011, the company was sold again to the current owners, Mark and Marcie Norton. Mark and Marcie are dedicated to great customer service and have owned several successful businesses in the past. It is their desire to continue the brand, and add new products to the line.

For customer assistance, please call Mark at 1.800.SAY.TIME

You can send us Mail at:
Original Time Capsule Company, LLC
1004 N Railroad Street
PO Box 38
Shirley, IN 47384


When the original owner of our company, Jeff, got married, he wanted something to keep all his memorabilia in, from his special day with his wife. After all, his wedding day was a milestone moment he never wanted to forget. Jeff’s mother kept all his photos, souvenirs, and keepsakes for the day and year he was born. What a special day it was when he was able to open his time capsule to experience what life was like when he was born.

The Exciting Idea is Born

Jeff had an Ah Ha moment and realized, “why isn’t there a time capsule for individuals—for their life milestones.” After a few hours of his creative mind flowing, the concept and design of the time capsule was born. It was an exciting moment that will change family’s histories forever.

The Rest of the Story

Jeff moved on to pursue his other life dreams. The rest of the story all begins with a girl who was so frustrated with people just doing, working day-to-day in our fast, instant microwave age. Working in private practice counseling for years with young children, teenagers, and adults, she realized we all need more meaning in life and how vital it is to slow down and keep traditions alive. That “girl” was me, Marcie Norton (owner of our company) along with my loving and caring husband (Mark Norton).

I understand the pressure, especially of mothers who feel the guilt and shame for not capturing more about their child’s life. That is why the time capsule works for you. Not everyone has time for scrapbooking or putting together photo albums. For a busy mother, especially, the time capsule is a quicker and easier way to save those precious moments of your child or first year of marriage. Just drop in your favorite memorabilia or photos in the time capsule, to be preserved for years.

Pay it Forward

Sometimes you are dealt different cards in life. Sometimes these cards can be an unexpected blessing or gift in life. The opportunity to buy The Original Time Capsule Company arose, and my dream to pay it forward, in a more tangible way, to people like those I counseled with became alive.

My husband and I became new owners of this company in 2011. We look forward to instilling hope, joy, and stronger bonding among family and friends as you pass on your time capsules from generation to generation.

Don’t let this busy world take its toll on your life. Get a time capsule, fill it with your pieces of childhood, so you will have the complete puzzle of your story to share with your future children about what life was like when you were born or married.

Who We Serve & Why We Do What We Do

Testimony Story

Angie called our office to order a second baby time capsule. She and her husband were told almost 16 years ago they could not get pregnant. Three months later, they were pregnant. Angie is now pregnant with their second child. When their first daughter turns 16 in a few weeks, they will present her with the first time capsule. Three weeks after their first daughter’s birth, Angie’s grandfather passed away. Before he died, he wrote Angie’s first child a “Message to the Future” (TM) and placed it inside her time capsule. What a precious moment that will be when Angie’s daughter opens her time capsule and finds her great grandfather’s hand-written letter to her with a picture of him holding her in the hospital. Memories like this are the original legacy that we leave our customers. Each time capsule is original themselves, as they are personalized with love.

This is one of our success stories of why we do what we do. We are looking to help families preserve their heritage, to define their future, by keeping traditions and memories alive through the use of a stylish time capsule to be beautifully displayed for years in your home. It is the next latest and greatest conversation piece.

We have a dedicated, customer service oriented team ready to help you make memories and keep them alive with our products. We sell Retail and Wholesale. If you are interested in wholesale, sign up on our website at www.timecapsule.com

The Team

Marcie Norton

I have worked in the private practice counseling field in the past and still love to hear stories of other people’s live, and enjoy offering help and hope to families in need. I have a Masters in Social Work and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I grew up helping my parent’s run their own business of oversized caskets for the morbidly obese. This upbringing taught me, at an early age, how to work as a productive team, have fun while you work, and the importance of customer service and integrity. My interests include listening to music or audio books, riding horses, talking with friends and family, watching ice skating, listening to audio books, and working with teenagers and the life issues they deal with daily. As a hobby, I enjoy sewing, fixing or creating DIY projects, riding horses, or selling items on Ebay for the fun of it, and watching people get caught in bidding wars. Similarly, I enjoy shopping, not so much to buy things (I’m a tight wad), but to just watch people and their behaviors as they shop, have kiddos dragging their parents to a specific toy, etc. This Christmas, is especially fun for me to watch people in malls, as there is so much psychology wrapped up in holidays. When I am not at the office I enjoy shopping, camping, watching comedy tv shows, talking to friends or family, and taking bubble baths. I enjoy all these things to relax, and it helps create relatable topics to discuss with our customers when similar topics arise. I also like the DIY projects and similar activities because I like problem solving and using creativity to fix things.

Mark Norton

I grew up in the Real Estate Industry.  I was licensed as a Real Estate Agent at the age of 18, but worked with my father in his Real Estate Office from the time I was 12.  After graduating High School, began to work in Fast Food, where I quickly became management.  I have done many jobs over the years, but have always been a natural leader.  In 1998, I started my first company with a friend.  That company provided Nationwide, filtered, Dial-up internet service.  We soon after started an online Christian Bookstore.  While we made money in the bookstore, the internet service was never a success.  Over the years, I have made a successful business of Web Programming (Which I no longer do), Web Hosting service, and eBay business.  Over the past 5 years, I have focused my attention on a VoIP (Voice Over IP – Internet Based Telephone Service) company that I built from the ground up.  While I continue to work this business, my primary focus is helping my wife with The Original Time Capsule Company. Most of my training is from life experience.  I enjoy learning new things, but seldom learn things by simply being told what to do.  I prefer a hands-on approach to learning and life.  I love being around people, but also value my “quite time.”  I love Christian Music, computers, electronics, and growing things in my aquaponics bay.  I enjoy singing, playing piano, guitar, and attending church.  My favorite thing to do outside of the office is to teach Bible principals to Junior high and High School Youth. I love being creative and finding new ways to approach a problem.

Overall, we are just two “kids next door” who get a kick out of sitting around the bonfire sharing stories and laughing like you. Come join our party at our blog to get to know us better and what the time capsules are all about, at https://www.timecapsule.com/blog. This is our story, what is yours? Let us know in the comments of our blogs.

Keep in Touch

We are eager to help you purchase our unique Baby & Wedding Time Capsules for your retail shop, or just for a great gift for yourself, a friend or loved one. Contact us at 1-800-SAY-TIME (1-800-729-8463) or 317-891-8463.

Email: Marcie@timecapsule.com


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