Who Can Use a Time Capsule – Church Time Capsule Ideas

Who Can Use a Time Capsule – Church Time Capsule Ideas

Time capsules are a great place to illustrate and save our spiritual and inward journey in an outward, physical way. Pass on your faith through a gift that lasts a lifetime. A time capsule can help you chronicle your introduction to faith. You can also store your questions and prayers, and then answers received, in this sacred place of the time capsule.

Church Time Capsule Ideas - Baptism
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Give a Baby Time Capsule as a Baptism or Christening Gift

After a baby dedication or baptism, ministers can give this timeless keepsake in the form of a decorative time capsule to the proud parents. You can get a Baby Time Capsule from https://www.timecapsule.com/product/babystimecapsule/.

The guests at the baptism ceremony can each write a note to the child using the “Message to the Future” letters included. This is a perfect for a Godmother to give away as a gift, let alone a gift from the parents of the child. The baptism of a baby is a joyful celebration, as many family members gather around taking photos. Use the photos as the first sentimental mementos to save in your baby’s time capsule.

Baby Time Capsule - Save Happiness

Make sure to include a souvenir or item representing something from the religious belief or church. Also make sure to include things like a newspaper from the day of the baptism or christening. This is a timeless gift, for such a memorable milestone moment in your child’s life. Preserve this part of your baby’s history in a time capsule. Then store the decorative Baby Time Capsule in the nursery, or somewhere private for his or her 18th or 21st birthday or any other birthday or special occasion.

When the time capsule is opened, it will be interesting to see what life was like the year you baby was born, how things have changed, and all the nostalgic keepsakes inside which will probably create a few laughs and tears.

Youth Pastors can Use a Time Capsule

Youth pastors can also use a time capsule for lesson about saving yourself for marriage. You could have the youth each write a letter to their future selves about who they want to marry. You could also do a lesson about treasuring their days of youth, and using this time in their life to journal about their changes, challenges, and choices they are going through at this milestone moment of being a teenager.

The youth could do a lesson about putting away their old self, as they are trying to lose weight, get off drugs, learn how to avoid negativity, or bad company they hang around, by writing these things down, then putting them in the time capsule. It would be interesting as an adult, to open the time capsule years later to see how much you have grown or changed for the better as a teenager in youth group. This may be a great activity for a few of us as adults too, now that I think about it.

What one thing do you wish you knew as a teenager, now that you are older? What do you wish your parent’s had warned you about, encouraged you to do, or shared with you as a teenager? Have the parents of the teenagers, write out “Message to the Future” letters to the youth about predictions of where they see their son or daughter in the future, giving advice, or sharing funny stories of hope, encouragement, and life as an adult.

Church Time Capsule Ideas - Baptism Milestone Moment
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There are many versatile uses for the time capsule. Just because it says Baby Time Capsule, does not mean you cannot buy it and collect items for your teenager now. I know you have a few spare photos of your teenager when he or she was a baby. Include those baby photos, along with a few mementos from your teenager’s life currently in the Baby Time Capsule.

Your teenager does not need to know when you purchased the time capsule. “It is the thought that counts.” After all, no matter how old your teenager is, they will always be your “baby.”So preserve your teenager’s story today, so he or she can reminisce tomorrow or years into the future. What a great Graduation gift.

What would you put in your child’s time capsule? Comment below.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie