Wedding Day Problems – Wedding Issues

Wedding Day Problems – Wedding Issues

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No one wants wedding day problems? So, now what?  We were finally engaged.  It was a tough road.  It seemed like everything that could have gone wrong . . . did.  Little did I know.  That is really just the beginning of the story!  Over the next few months, things were rather uneventful.  She and her family planned the wedding.  They made the decorations.  She didn’t want a normal dress, so she cut out bits and pieces that she liked from magazines and my birth-mom made her dress.  (Did I mention I was adopted?)  I lined up my groomsmen and worked out the details of the honeymoon.  Believe it or not, I managed to tell everyone else about the honeymoon without letting her know what we were doing!  More about that later! Needless to say, we started to have many wedding day problems or wedding issues.

Everything was in order.  All the details had been planned.  We decided to make our own invitations.  We worked on the wording together and chose a nice stationary.  We printed our invitations and began addressing them.  At the appropriate time, we mailed them to our guests.  That is where things began to fall apart.

Now, I don’t know what kind of wedding you had, but ours has been, affectionately named, “The Wedding Of Substitutions.”  Everything was planned perfectly, but in the final hours before our wedding, everything seemed to go wrong and get changed.

The first indication that something was wrong is when I received a phone call from my birth-mom.  It was about 2 weeks before the wedding date.  She asked me if she was invited to the wedding!  I was confused!  “Yes, of course you are!  Why would you think you weren’t?” I asked.  That single question changed my view of our plans.  I was informed that she had not received an invitation!  I was confused, offered my apologies, and wondered what had happened to her invitation.  I soon began to investigate this mystery as I found that many on our list had not gotten theirs either.

I began calling the people on our list to see who had received their invitations and who had not.  I soon began to realize that almost all the invitations I had personally mailed on a particular day, mostly friends and family of mine, had not reached their destination.  I contacted the post office and they assured me that they would do their best to track them down and let me know what had happened.  (I never did hear back from the post office!)

To this day, I do not know how many  invitations reached their destination, but I can tell you that we have had several “parts” of them returned to us over the years.  I can also tell you that several of them arrived at their destinations very late and rather “torn and tattered.”  The longest reported delivery was to a friend of mine that arrived in a “plastic bag” with an apology note from the post office.  This arrived almost 3 years after our wedding date!

To be honest with you, it is actually amazing to me that this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often than it does.  With the amount of mail the post office delivers, I would think that hundreds-of-thousands of letters would be destroyed each day. . . But it doesn’t!!!  No, no . . . It only happens to me . . . On the most important piece of mail I will ever mail!

“The Wedding Of Substitutions” has begun!  Many things were substituted, and I will tell you as many as I can remember.  Just know that it is not pretty!  Be patient, and we will talk about all of them!

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It can be very frustrating when things do not go our way, especially on our wedding day which for many of you, has been planned since a little girl. Sometimes we get so caught up in what is going wrong, that we forget to enjoy what is going right. Keep in mind that the bad and funny stories are all a part of your special wedding day. Make sure to include these stories in your decorative Wedding Time Capsule too. It is all a part of what makes your day truly special. You may look back years later, when you open your Wedding Time Capsule, and laugh at the things that did not go as planned. You can get your own unique and artistic Wedding Time Capsule here.

What has happened to you?  What went wrong with your wedding?  Have any of you had a wedding with no issues?  Somehow I doubt that any amount of planning can prevent at least one wedding-day tragedy! Check out this fun and informative article about what all can go wrong at your wedding, that you need to be prepared for or at least always have a plan B. Read the article here.


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