Teach Values: What you Value, you Treasure

Teach Values: What you Value, you Treasure

When someone you love becomes a memory...that memory becomes a treasure Quote

Ask yourself, what’s most important to pass on to the next generation? Teach values to your children.

– Life lessons
– Teaching to help others
– Strong communication skills
– How to be emotionally strong
– Financial security
– Education
– Values
– Etc.

After being with my niece for a week, I realized she is in the independent stage, as she demands, “I can do it.” It is enlightening seeing a child without any fear. She is a real go-getter, a dare devil, and an observant learning sponge soaking up anything new around her. I realized while playing with my niece, how important it is to subtly drop hints to teach about values, and act as a consistent role model as she wanted to imitate many things I did last week. For example, when the dog got wet she shook, just like the dog. It was funny, but then I realized how much more important it is for my niece to imitate other important values, like family bonding.

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My mom, niece (Skylar), and my brother.

Instill a Sense of Family History

Do not get so caught up in instilling values that you forget to enjoy the milestone moments, or memories. Share your family stories. These are what by nature, will share your values as a family too. A great way to do share your stories is by creating a time capsule together as a family. Save mementos and heirlooms in the time capsule. Save memories forever with a time capsule to pass on to future generations.

One Man’s Trash, is Another Man’s Treasure

I grew up learning the value of a dollar. My family shopped at stores like “Goodwill” in order to make ends meet. I am sure some of you can relate. Goodwill is a time capsule store in of itself. You never know what you will find there. To some, an old coffee cup may only be worth $1.00, but to others, it is may be sentimental and priceless, therefore it is treasured for years. My family had a dinner plate which said “You are Special Today.” It was great. My parents brought out the plate when we as kids accomplished something, received good grades, or helped someone else out. We valued this plate and how it made us feel. My parents valued what the plate taught us. It is a plate that will forever be treasured and passed on to our next generation of grand children, through a time capsule.

Passing on values to your children is so important. What do you value? Treasure these values in a time capsule, and make sure they get passed on to future generations. Pass on what makes your family unique. Embrace what life is teaching you now, and pass that on to your future children. Pass on your values you want to teach your own children, in a decorative Baby Time Capsule from https://www.timecapsule.com/product/babystimecapsule/.

What value or treasure would you like to put in a Baby Time Capsule to pass on to your future child? Comment below.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie


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0 thoughts on “Teach Values: What you Value, you Treasure

  1. Jo Cavagnis says:

    Hi Marcie,

    It’s so true that one mans trash is a others treasure. I like to keep newspaper clippings of big events or invitations, cards etc as they represent a moment in time that you can never get back 🙂

    • Marcie Norton says:

      That is so true Jo. Thanks for your comment. It is fun looking back at old newspaper articles. They also make great lessons for our future grandchildren. Can you imagine pulling out an actual newspaper about the September 11th events, to show them? Now that is what makes history class come alive.

      I also have a specific scrapbook with only cards received in it. It is great to look back and see who all wished me good luck in life for birthdays, graduations, and work.

  2. Lynne Cobine says:

    I really love this idea! Like Jo I too like to cut out pages in newspapers and magazines and read them many years later! Do you take it to schools and teach children how to do this? It would be amazing fun! It would go really well with what I do in helping elderly to write their life stories – they could write a few stories about their life and put it in a capsule for a grandchild. What an amazing experience!

    • Marcie Norton says:

      You know Lynne, we have not taken the time capsules to schools. I was just discussing this idea with someone else the other day though. Thank you for the suggestion. Our company had a First School Year Time Capsule kit in the past, that we have talked about bringing back again. It is a fun, and even educational, activity for kids. That is so awesome what you do with the elderly. The time capsules are great for those with memory problems. We have many grandparents who love to purchase these time capsules for their grand children when they are born, so they can write them a “Message to the Future” letter to the child. Talk about, the best wisdom kids may receive in their life when they graduate high-school, and open their time capsule to read the letter from their grandmother or grandfather (who may or may not be alive anymore). This is why we do what we do. Thank you for your comment. Please share our website with your friends and family.