How to Preserve Family Stories and Values

How to Preserve Family Stories and Values

Preserve family values in a photo album

You don’t know what you have until it is gone. Recently I attended a funeral of a friend’s mother. It is sad, that sometimes it takes the end of our lives, to help us put our lives in perspective now. How do you preserve those memories, that come flooding back to our minds, when we look at the faces or places, important in our lives? We have photos we can put in photo albums, giving us a sense of accomplishment. When your children grow up, you as a parent want to know that they are continuing to live out your family values. There are other tangible ways to accomplish this, besides a photo album. Create a digital scrapbook, or save your valuable emails back and forth with friends and family. You can also record audio stories to remember the actual excitement, fear, frustration, happiness, or other emotions during a special event or milestone moment. You can listen to the stories over and over whenever you want, even when your loved one has passed away.

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However you choose to remember your memories, the important point is that you do not lose your stories or tangible objects that go with your special memories. Let’s learn more about how to preserve family stories and values. Save your mementos in a time capsule keepsake. These sentimental items will help with the details of your stories and will create a richer moment of celebration, years later when you open your time capsule to tell your grandchildren or special someone what that time in your life was like.

So, as you family gathers around for the next holiday or get-together, make sure you spend time recording those family stories being told. Gather one object, which has important meaning, from each family member, to put in a time capsule keepsake. Treasure your family values forever, for your future generations. Don’t forget to include a family tree in your time capsule.

Do not wait till later to gather your family history stories. It may be too late, as we all get older and forget things or these valuable stories. Get children involved, and show them how much you value family, and have them include their own drawings in a time capsule. What will their own interpretation of their drawing be, years later in their lives when the time capsule is opened? Do not devalue family values. Capture them in a time capsule keepsake today. To learn more about this topic read or to make your own family heritage project, check out

What is one value you have learned from your family, that you would like to pass on to your children? Comment below.

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