How to Bond with Your Child – Using a Time Capsule

How to Bond with Your Child – Using a Time Capsule

Two nights ago, our electricity went out for a few hours. It was night time, so it was very dark. As we frantically tried to find out candles and light them, I thought about memories built, with my parents, when electricity went out when I was a kid. Everyone remembers those good old days.

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Yes, the rush of memories started to fill my mind. Then I realized how much kids are missing out, by not living a life without electricity sometimes, nowadays. So many of our daily lives depend on electricity, so it is hard to imagine life in the past when people did not have electricity at all. No electricity means time for family togetherness or bonding times. Use the opportunity to teach your children problem-solving for future emergencies.

It is important to learn how to bond with your child. Help your children think of creative ways to prepare meals, stay warm, and entertain themselves. You may just create a great recipe using the ingredients you have on hand. Make it a rule that you cannot use cell phones when electricity is out in your home. This forces your children to live in the moment, and not for the next text, tweet, or post in social media.

Take Time to Reminisce About Old Times

Do you remember the last time you just sat around as a family to tell stories of the past? This is the importance of a time capsule. They help you preserve and pass on history, sentimental stories and lessons, tangible mementos or objects, and keep traditions alive in your family or generation. Some stories are meant to enlighten you, others are funny. All will be cherished. Tell your children what life was like when you were born or a teenager. Your kids just may gain a new perspective on life, through your story.

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Plan to have a Purposeful Family Disconnect

Plug into your family. Create a time capsule with memorable moments. For 101 ideas of what to do when your power goes out, check out For tips on how to get your kids to unplug their electronic devices, check out My husband and I went to bed early, and read our favorite fun books using a flashlight, for a change. I felt like a kid again for a few hours. It was great. All work, and no play makes for one uncreative entrepreneur.

What is your favorite thing to do when the electricity goes out? Comment below.

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