How to make a Baby Handprint Kit

How to make a Baby Handprint Kit

    Baby's Hand Print Kit

    We live in a world where anything is possible, good or bad. We never know from day to day what will happen in our lives. I was at a baby shower this past Saturday for my sister-in-law excited to be an aunt again. Then on the drive home, I passed a funeral home with a family saying their goodbye’s to someone they loved. Talk about going from one extreme of emotions to the next out of respect for someone’s loved one lost. Then, it had me thinking, we really never know when we will leave this earth after being born. How do we treasure and preserve our items to pass on to generations left? One great item to preserve is a baby hand print from the first year of our life.

    Your hand is not just a hand. It is a physical representation of many things:

    • A hand is used for writing cards, love notes, stories, letters, essays, filling out paperwork for kids to go to school, or for work.
    • A hand is used to play beautiful music, play sports, or play the radio for some of us who are musically inclined (myself)
    • A hand is used to give someone a pat on the back, shake another person’s hand you just met at work, school, business seminar, a future mentor, etc.
    • A hand is a representation of many milestone moments in our lives, as we are born and first learn to grip things, first learn how to drive using our hands, get married and a ring is put on our hand, etc.
    • A hand is used to bake that traditional family recipe, every holiday.
    • A hand is used to accomplish tasks, save lives, build things, or make projects for work or home.
    • A hand is used to tell stories (as many of us talk with our hands – guilty).
    • A hand is used to help show love to others, or express other non-verbal communication. For some, who are deaf, they rely on others hands to communicate everything.

    Hand Print Kit with Sticker

    Introducing New Product: Baby’s Hand Print Kit

    I am sure you can think of other important meanings or uses of the hand. So how do we save such a precious hand, before it grows up and journey’s through the many uses of it’s life? Save your baby’s hand print in a hand print kit from Do not wait until it is too late, and your child is grown up, to wish you would have preserved their baby hand print. Get yours today.

    What do you use your hand for the most? Comment below.

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0 thoughts on “How to make a Baby Handprint Kit

  1. richelle says:

    Very nice and thoughtful post! As a parent of two 20-somethings, these types of mementos are cherished! I have a box full of baby teeth, hospital bands, hair clippings, tiny t-shirts, etc. I would love to have one of these handprints for each child, unfortunately I never did this 🙁 What a great wedding gift it would make years later!

    • Marcie Norton says:


      Thank you for your kind comments. It is definitely a great, lasting gift. You have to capture your kids in many ways while they are young. This is just one more tangible way we help you or other parents do that. It is always great talking to people who understand the importance of keeping sentimental things, as much as we do. It sounds like you were a mother who really treasured many keepsakes. Keep this in mind for possible future grandchildren. Thanks for stopping by.

      – Marcie