How To Write Your Online Dating Profile

How To Write Your Online Dating Profile

    You Had Me At Hello Movie

    Ok, so last week you learned how Oprah taught me online dating. This week I will continue to tell the story of how my husband and I met for the first time, by revealing my “Future God-sent Checklist.” Again, my friends pressured me to put my profile online to meet a guy, and I decided to make a ministry out of it to reach those guys, who think there are not anymore great, moral, strong women out there anymore.

    You see, I have always had a passion to teach others around me to never give up on anything positive in your life. This is the message I wanted to take to my internet profile as well. I wanted to encourage guys to have standards, to be picky and choosey in whom to talk to or date. Be a best friend to anyone first, before moving the ‘next step.’
    There have been a lot of people who have rode with you on this journey called life, and have greatly influenced you. Do not take that for advantage. Use your history to shape your future. I never really liked History class in high-school, however the one thing I did like about it is the fact that it is important to learn from our history and not make the same mistakes twice.

    The Checklist

    My parents have always taught me to think before I act, how to pick and choose my friends, and many other life truths and life hacks. The most important message I learned from them was how to create written down checklists about important life issues, like who I will date or marry. When you write something down, you are more apt to commit to it. So for those who have been waiting, here is my checklist that I sent my future husband, Mark, after he emailed me and asked about it. Keep in mind, this is not an end all, be all list. I was not that critical, nit-picky girl. I just had guidelines for whom I would date and not date. Many people have guidelines in their head, but just have not written them down. I wanted to hold myself more accountable by writing them down.

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    1. Someone who loves, and has a personal relationship with, Jesus Christ with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength.

    2. Someone who believes in God’s Word (Bible) and wants to live out daily in a relationship the scripture of 1st Corinthians 13:4-13, if God’s Will blesses you with me.

    3. Someone who will be my best friend and we will tell each other everything.

    4. Someone who does NOT believe in divorce.

    5. Someone who is interested in how we can give NOT what we can get out of each other. In other words, selfless love

    6. Someone who currently views singleness as a gift to serve God and not a curse and therefore wants to hurry up and get married…but rather will obey God’s divine timing.

    7. Someone who strongly believes in the influence and value of health, Godly relationships, and therefore will continue to have Bible studies when that person marries me and will have one date night per month at least to continue to grow closer to each other.

    8. Someone who views dating/courting and eventually marriage as a pyramid with God and the top of this relationship and each of us daily becoming closer to Him as one.

    9. Someone who walks daily with integrity…your talk matches your walk.

    10. Someone who is responsible, disciplined, and has a good future ahead financially, physically, mentally, and spiritually. He also has a secure future ahead of him in these areas.

    11. Someone who does not believe in love at first sight, because that is infatuation to me. I want someone who is physically/sexually attracted to me and I to him. However there is WWAAAAYYYYY too much emphasis upon the body. If equipment made a marriage there would be no divorces in Hollywood, because they got the equipment. Someone who views and brags about me to his friends as a “righteous fox.”

    12. Someone who views our relationship as an opportunity daily to model God’s love and to therefore bless others.

    13. Someone who believes that intimacy is the reward of commitment of marriage.

    14. Someone who is close to their family, and/or believes in the influence/value of family

    15. Someone who even if he isn’t the romantic type…will at least try to be.

    16. Someone who has a positive attitude about life and perseverance is a high priority when facing hard times.

    17. Someone who is sincere.

    18. Someone who has high standards and fears the Lord.

    19. I’m a traditional girl and want someone who will be the spiritual leader of the household and whom I will love, respect, follow, and nurture.

    20. Someone who knows how to treat/love his mother, if applicable, and therefore affects how he will love/treat me. Behaviors are learned, in other words.

    21. Someone who wants to plan and be a Godly, active, role model to raise our children.

    22. Someone who views marriage

    • Reverently: of profound respect and awe
    • Discretely: with discernment and good judgment
    • Advisedly: carefully considers decisions in marriage
    • Soberly: someone who is well balanced and unaffected by passion, excitement, or prejudice

    23. Someone who wants to build their house on the Rock of Christ Jesus, because as for me and my future house, we WILL serve the Lord.

    24. Someone whose priorities will be God first, wife and kids second, and then comes cars, jobs, hobbies, etc.

    25. Someone who does not look at all this as just a long list, but truly believes in it all and therefore strives to meet each others “Checklists” to glorify/praise God daily.

    Wedding Time Capsule Spilled out

    I was excited to talk to Mark when he emailed me because he too was heavily involved with youth at his church, so we immediately had a common bond to discuss youth group games and lesson plans. This was my initial intent of why I would go ahead and put my profile online anyways. Why not trade ideas for youth group, instead of going to buy another ideas book full of lesson plans from the book store. How would he respond to it? Would he even read the long list? I sincerely prayed it would touch him, and he would do the same for himself for his own future wife. I pressed send, after I was done praying for however this may touch or minister to him. So what happened next, tune in next week to find out ‘the rest of the story’ as Paul Harvey says.

    This was just the beginning of many emails back and forth, which would later be saved in our Wedding Time Capsule. Little did I know, let alone be interested, that we would one day be happily married. For other helpful ideas of how to write a good online dating profile check out

    What special letters did or would you like to save in your Wedding Time Capsule from when you first met? Comment below.

    Making Milestone Moments Count,

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