Your Baby is Beautiful

Your Baby is Beautiful

Let’s learn why your baby is beautiful and the most special in the world. There are almost 11,000 babies born everyday in the USA. that is almost 4 Million each year.  Worldwide, there are more than 365,000 born each day, and more than 133,225,000 each year.  The amazing thing is that we say, “You are one in a million,” but the fact is, they are one in more than 133 million!

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I have never met a new parent who didn’t believe that their baby was the most beautiful, and most special baby they had ever seen.  And they are right!  Their baby is the direct outpouring of their love, and it doesn’t matter how that child came to be!  A baby that is accepted into a family is a direct outpouring of love.  I was adopted at birth.  I have met my birth-mom and know the circumstances of how I was born.  It wasn’t that my birth-mom didn’t want to, but more that she couldn’t keep me.  As a result, she put me up for adoption, and my parents chose to adopt.  Both of these situations are a direct outpouring of love.They say that Love is Blind.  To some extent this is true.  Love chooses to turn a blind eye to things.  When you truly love someone, you can forgive the things that would push you over an edge in someone else.  When a child is born, a mother experiences a tremendous amount of pain, but the love she has for her child allows her to forgive that pain when she sees the face of her newborn child.Do you know why love is blind?  Because your mother started loving you long before she could see your face!  Your mother began loving you the moment she decided to have a child, or the moment she found she was pregnant.  Seeing your face for the first time was just the first moment she had a face for that love!  From there, her love had grown enough to do things such as change diapers, wear vomit soaked clothes, put you in time out, teach you, ground you, and watch you leave and marry another woman or man.

Yes, love sees joy and beauty where none exists.  Love allows you to do things that you never thought possible.  Love makes your baby more special, more beautiful, and better than any baby you have ever seen.  After all of this, I have to say, “You are right!”  Your baby is the most beautiful.  Your baby is the most special.  Your baby is the most intelligent.  Your baby is the best!  Your baby is all of these things because your baby is . . . well . . . your baby! Your baby is beautiful.

We know these things, yet we treat our child like every other child out there!  We take pictures, we post them to Facebook.  We shoot video and show it to everyone we know.  But that is where it stops.  Why do we not make arrangements to save these things?  Why do we not commemorate each milestone by saving a memento?  The answer is simple . . . You don’t know what to do with these items!

Baby Time Capsule Preserve Memories

Now, you have a place to put them . . . The shoes your baby wore when taking their first steps can be easily saved in a Baby Time Capsule.  This is the perfect place to save all of the items the most beautiful baby in the world will cherish later in life. What would you put in your baby’s time capsule to remember how beautiful your baby was their first year of life. Get your baby’s time capsule here today and get started saving their favorite baby blanket, onesie, stuffed animal, or other special mementos.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Mark