Why Time Capsules are the Best Things Since Scrapbooking

Why Time Capsules are the Best Things Since Scrapbooking

Memory Lane Scrapbooking

Remember when scrapbooking came out and was so popular. It is still important to many, many people, however there is an additional creative way to preserve memories that are more tangible. What do you do with your baby’s first shoes? They do not fit in a scrapbook.

Preserve your Memories

There are many different topics, interests, and moments we want to record and preserve memories for keepsakes forever. From early years, high school, friends, dating, role models, military, health, marriage, career, parenting, vacation, family, heirlooms, what is your story? Document your memories. Will your kids know what life was like when you were little? What will they remember about you when you are gone? You may not even know your real parents. You may have had to piece together the puzzle from your neighbors, friends, or help from other adults in your life. Will your kids even remember your story?

It is one thing to tell or listen to a story as you are flipping through a photo album. It is another thing to hold the tangible heirloom items that were actually used in a story. A time capsule is like walking through a museum and being able to touch what is under the glass case that usually says “do not touch.”

Will you remember what life was like when you were little, 20 years from now? Over time our memories fade. Do not regret learning about your family more, years down the road. Take action now to interview your family members. Save this interview questionnaire in a time capsule. Give your children and grandchildren something special to be treasured for years to come. Give them a decorative Baby Time Capsule so you can put your “Message to the Future” letters in and other tangible mementos and memorabilia that help tell your story and who you are in their life. Also preserve your child or grandchild’s favorite toys of this time and other significant items that describe your baby’s first year of life. Then years later, have your child or grandchild open their very own time capsule. It is like a scrapbook explosion of memories as each item is pulled out of their time capsule, years later, when they are graduating high school or having a baby themselves now.

Any Occasion DIY Time Capsule

Have a Time Capsule Party

Gather family and friends over for the opening ceremony of the Baby Time Capsule. It is not just a gift for your child or grandchild, but rather for your whole family and/or good friends. Just like it is hard to buy something online because we want to touch and feel it, there is a similar mentality with scrapbooking or photo albums. It is hard to look at a photo only and realize how that moment really was back in the day. With the ability to hold your grandfather’s actual heirloom pocket watch it helps you smell his scent more, and relive what the old days used to be like for him.

You can still include a memories book or scrapbook in a time capsule to capture those priceless stories. In 100 years from now, you grandchildren and great grandchildren can learn from what you say today. It is beneficial to give future generations your life story to talk about the good and bad about your life at this time. Especially if you are a survivor of something that was difficult to move through, it is important to capture and re-tell your story. We all need to learn from each other. Everyone has a great story that is begging to be told through a time capsule. Get your Baby Time Capsule, Wedding Time Capsule, or “Any Occasion” DIY Time Capsule to start your creative family fun today. Go to https://www.timecapsule.com to order your time capsule today and take a stroll down memory lane.

So where do you keep your most prized possessions that cannot fit in a scrapbook? Comment below.


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