How Time Capsules Made Me a Better Person

How Time Capsules Made Me a Better Person

This is such a touching, heart gripping video about Super Bowl champion Ben Utecht who writes a “Message to the Future” love letter to his wife and daughters. He describes his life as he sees it while he gets older, even to the point of forgetting their names and faces as he ages or in case he gets a brain disease from the possible concussions from his professional football career. What a great way to give back and show your care to your spouse and children, in a way you do not want to imagine, but a reality all the same. Watch this impacting video here.

Remember Family Time Capsule


This video really made me think about how time capsules made me a better person. How are you passing on your family legacy lessons, advice, love, messages of care and hope to your children or grandchildren?

God forbid this ever happens to anyone, but this is a true story of now retired NFL player Ben Utech as he fights to keep his memories alive after a series of brain injuries causing him to struggle with the reality of his progressive memory loss. We all get older. That is a fact of life. It is so important to keep your memories alive while you still can.

Share Important Moments Before They are Gone

Save your memories, letters of love, videos of advice, and sentimental, tangible items in a time capsule for your family to treasure forever. I cannot imagine not knowing the names of my family and friends who surround me on a daily basis as they take care of me while I am slowly losing my memory of our good and bad times together. Many times we really don’t know what we have until it is gone.

Care about your life and your family, by creating a time capsule today so you can leave the most important memories for your family to touch, to bring your personality, brain, and self back to life in a sense, while you cannot remember anything in the future possibly.

Any Occasion DIY Family Time Capsule

Time Capsules Made Me a Better Person 

For about 4 years of my life I worked in private counseling helping young kids through young adults. It is amazing all the stories you hear in counseling. It helps you realize your life is not that bad. People are resilient, but the mind is a powerful tool that can be gone in an instant second or slowly over time. Time capsules made me a better person, as I have traveled around to different trade shows and networked with many different people in life. We love to hear the stories of our fans, perfect strangers, and from our own family. How do you keep your traditions alive in your family? How do you pass on your life lessons to your kids? Every day I work in this company it is hard to not ask myself: What are you doing with today, that can change the children of tomorrow?

A time capsule helps you reflect on your past, present, and future. With the new year, most of us are going to be looking for helpful tips to complete our New Year’s Resolutions. Do you have any family resolutions? Make a bucket list for life. Write a “Message to the Future” letter to yourself or your own family to give back in a positive way in your life this year. Get an “Any Occasion” DIY Time Capsule to get started today and make your own personalized design on the outside of the time capsule. It can be a time capsule for anything you want. The sky’s the limit. Document your memories now, so you have them forever to pass on to your children or grandchildren. Get started making your own time capsule today at

If you could make a time capsule for any event, occasion, or topic, what would you create one about? Comment below.


Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie