Why Make a Time Capsule?

Why Make a Time Capsule?

    10 Cool Time Capsule Ideas

    You don’t have to write a lot, to say a lot. This is a life-saving sentence to read for many mothers. Let me explain.

    Photos or objects can speak louder than words many times. Capture a sense of who you are or your child is, with a time capsule. This timeless gift was created for those mothers who are so busy (especially a single mom) taking care of the children and working all day. There is never a dull moment around your house. So, why make a time capsule you may ask?


    The time capsule is a perfect way for mothers to still capture their child’s very special milestone moments, who do not have the time to make a scrapbook. Hence, the reason why the time capsule is a solution to decreasing mommy guilt or pressure for not saving every precious memory of her child.

    The scrapbooking world is very time consuming. Also, not everyone feels they are crafty enough to make scrapbook pages. With a time capsule, all you have to do is take those cute Michelangelo child-like works of art, from your refrigerator to the time capsule, and drop the paper in it. Done. For other great ideas of what to do with all of your kid’s special art work, check out http://www.makeandtakes.com/what-to-do-with-all-your-kids-projects

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    It is as easy as that with other favorite items you want to save for your child to review, years later, what life was like their first year of birth. You can even recruit other family and friends to fill out the “Message to the Future” letters to offer tips, advice, and tell funny stories to your child, to save in the time capsule.

    A time capsule is a simple 3-step process like what we were taught to do (as a child) when we see a fire. Although instead of the Stop, Drop, and Roll (as taught), a time capsule completion process says: Stop, Drop (your nostalgic item in), and Close (the time capsule).

    The purpose of a time capsule is to tell who we are and what we value. What you may think is “just a drawing” or trash, may be another person’s treasure, in the future, after kept in a time capsule for years, collecting value and worth. A time capsule helps you capture what is in your heart, and transfers your life to paper, photos, and important objects. For great ideas of time capsules to make check out http://mumsgrapevine.com.au/2013/04/10-cool-time-capsule-ideas_memory-saving_memory-making_craft/

    Why would you make a time capsule? Answer in the comments below. We would love hear your opinions.

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