What’s Your Company Story

What’s Your Company Story

Spring Break Activities - Make a Time Capsule

What’s your company story? Nowadays with more and more people visiting company websites, the “About Us” pages are read. People want to know where their items are coming from. Who are the owners behind the company? How did they come up with their products? We are constantly asked on the phone, how did you come up with the time capsule concept?

Our friend and the original owner, Jeff McCarty, had a love for fine art, graphics design, and memorabilia, which inspired him to create the time capsules. He has one for every year of his life, because his mother collected them for him. As a teenager, he wanted to collect all his high-school memorabilia and save it for years into the future. He wondered one day, why can’t we have time capsules for major life events, such as births or weddings, to open later in life. Then, the milestone collection of time capsules was born.

We bought the company seeing Jeff’s vision, and then wanting to expand on it with several new items, including the “Any Occasion” DIY  DIY time capsule, because we believe many people need to appreciate their family and major life milestones more. Technology seems to be taking over, and people are forgetting what is important in life. We wanted a way to slow down, and to reminisce, so you never forget where you came from or what you accomplished using a time capsule. The “Any Occasion” DIY time capsule is meant to commemorate a special moment or event. These time capsules are all about nostalgia.

My daily goal is to service others as I would want to be serviced in work and life. My husband and I have an extensive background in business.  We strive to provide good customer service and fantastic products.  With a history in Real Estate and Counseling, I have worked with many people in life.

While working in private practice counseling, I discovered a rare disease I have was getting worse, so I had to find a less stressful job. I loved my job, so if I had to get out, God was basically going to have to push me out and provide for my family as well. Next, the opportunity of a lifetime came, and The Original Time Capsule company was sold to my husband and I. It is amazing what is going on behind the scenes sometimes, which will help guide your life in different, yet better directions. I can honestly say I love being co-owner of The Original Time Capsule company as well. I still get to interact and help so many families and people from other companies. While working in counseling I found many families struggling to keep up with this fast paced life. So many traditions and stories were not being passed down, to influence and help the younger generation. This is why I fell in love with our time capsule company even more. Now we have a product that can help mothers not feel guilt and shame for not keeping memorabilia or memories from their children, due to lack of time. The time capsule is quick and easy to put together, still preserving memories.

Our lives are filled with Milestone Moments.  These moments are here now, and with the blink of an eye, they are gone, living only in our memories.  The problem is that memories fade with time and age.  As we grow older, our memories become more and more precious to us and yet they also become more and more distant.  At The Original Time Capsule Company, we offer you a way to preserve your  memories to be shared with those you love in the future.  It is not often that we can share an experience with future generations 10, 15, or even 20 years in the future with crystal clarity.  We give you that ability. For more insight into our story listen to the radio interviews on our website at www.timecapsule.com/media.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie