Friendship Bracelet Memories

EmbroideryThreadFriendship Bracelet Memories

Ah the days of friendship bracelet memories. When I was a teenager, (Many years ago) it was popular among girls to use embroidery thread of many colors to tie friendship bracelets and give them to all their friends.  There were many patterns and styles that could be used.  Most were made by tying different knots into the threads to form different patterns.  There were others that were made by braiding the threads.  Some had clasps, others tied and still others came with charms and jewelry embedded or attached to the threads.

I was thinking about this over the weekend.  See, today is Memorial Day in America.  This is a day that we set aside each year to remember the Veterans of the past.  We remember those who have not made it through our wars and those who are currently serving our country.  We remember them by exercising our freedoms.  Some of those freedoms include the right to gather.  We gather in homes for barbecues and grilling.  We gather in campgrounds and state parks.  We gather at memorials and graves.  We gather.  We eat.  We relax.  We play.  It is generally a great time to spend with friends and family.

Our family generally goes camping in a local state park with a group from our church.  My wife and I have not been able to attend for several years, but we came down a day late this year because we needed the break.  As I sat at the campfire talking with friends that I have known for more then 30 years, I wondered what was the real bond of friendship?  Within this group we have lost grandparents, parents, and siblings.  We have watched and supported as our group has had kids, struggled to have kids, and not want kids.  We have watched as some have gotten married, others divorced, and still others want and desire to find that special someone.  Yet, no matter what happens to this group, we seem to remain friends.  We seem to push through it all.  We seem to fight the physical and spiritual wars that come along and get closer each time.

I have friends in this group that I know will remain close to me and support me throughout the rest of my life and into the next.  These people are as close to me as my own family, and I would do anything for them.  While our lives are different now from when we were growing up, the reality is that the relationships remain the same.  We tell each other the problems and we share with each other the joys.  The women look at the men and wonder when we will actually grow up, and the men sit there, fart, and laugh.  (Yes, even though most are pushing 40, and some are even over that now, we still think that farting is funny!) Save these special fun moments in a time capsule, to relive all over again years later as friends when you open it in the future. What a day of reminiscing that will be for all of you.

Any Occasion DIY Time Capsule

Celebrating Memorial Day with Friends

The “threads” of these relationships go well beyond being in the same church growing up.  They are stronger than the friendship bracelets that our women made as teenagers, and they have survived the tests of time.  I can honestly say, in most of these cases, the bonds of friendship are stronger than steel.

This weekend, I was able to catch up with my friends from my childhood.  This is especially important for me this year, as my life has taken some interesting turns the past few months.  So, as I sat by the firelight talking to these precious people, I realized that these relationships were keeping me warm inside just as the fire was keeping me warm outside.  I sat there thinking about the men and women who are overseas right now, fighting for the freedom that I am exercising at the moment.  I thought about all the people I have lost from my life along the way, and all of the soldiers who gave their life so that I can sit and play cards with my friends, outside, on our beautiful camp site.

While I never served in the military, I was acutely aware of the sacrifice of those who have gone before me.  I am aware of people, like my brother, who served our country so proudly in the army.  I am aware of my father-in-law, and my foster kids who served with honor.  I was reminded of the youth from the youth group I lead who are actively serving in several branches of the military, and the one who recently swore in with the Marines.  All of them served using words like Honor, Code, and Freedom.

To all of my friends . . . We share a bond that is woven through my heart.  You are part of who I am.

To all our Active duty and Discharged Military Veterans . . . That bond is possible because of the Freedom YOU provide.  Freedom isn’t free!

Thank you!