What to Put in Any Occasion DIY Time Capsule

What to Put in Any Occasion DIY Time Capsule

Any Occasion DIY Time Capsule

There are many different topics, hobbies, interests we all have. What would you make a time capsule about for future generations to learn more about what life is like now?

With Christmas coming and the new year approaching, what would you put in a time capsule to represent 2014?

There are many different themes or ideas you could make a time capsule for. Basically, anything you see pictures for on your cell phone you could probably create a time capsule for. See the suggestions below. Then read on about ideas of what to put in some of these topical time capsules.

Different Time Capsule Ideas

  1. College years
  2. School (elementary and high-school)
  3. New Career
  4. Business
  5. Housewarming (Welcome Home)
  6. Family
  7. Pets
  8. Clubs (boys and girls club, academic club, social club, etc)
  9. Vacation
  10. Youth Group
  11. Military
  12. Church
  13. Anniversary
  14. Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter)
  15. Memorial
  16. New Years
  17. Christmas
  18. Easter
  19. Thanksgiving
  20. July 4th Independence Day
  21. Valentine’s Day
  22. Hanukkah
  23. Any hobby
  24. Farming
  25. Sports
  26. Any holiday
  27. Baby Shower
  28. Bridal Shower
  29. Relationship or Dating
  30. Bucket List
  31. Cars
  32. Music
  33. Movie
  34. Outdoors or Camping
  35. Science
  36. Nature
  37. Eras (80’s, 90’s, or whatever you want)
  38. Social Media
  39. Best Friends
  40. Adoption
  41. Sweet 16
  42. Quinceanera
  43. Bar Mitzvah
  44. Birthday
  45. Over the Hill
  46. Weight Loss
  47. Inspiring Life Quotes
  48. Self Help
  49. First Car
  50. Baby
  51. Wedding
  52. etc. (Other or anything you can imagine). The sky’s the limit.

Any Occasion DIY Time Capsule - Be a Part of History

What to Put in a Time Capsule

So what would you put in these “Any Occasion” DIY Time Capsules? What items from your time period, are important to you? Make sure to include modern things and heirlooms of the past. If you include any digital or electronic items, make sure you also include the media to play your videos or audio recordings in the future as well.

  •  Daily local and world newspaper
  • DVD of family, friends, social events, etc.
  • Television guide
  • Favorite magazines
  • Event programs, ticket stubs, or passes
  • Pictures
  • Receipts from events, or daily life (like the cost of gas at this time)
  • Popular toy
  • Items (heirloom and new) that show significance to your for a specific subject or event.
  • Floor plan or first key to your home
  • Popular music recorded
  • Menu from a favorite restaurant
  • Daily calendar showing your life in just one month
  • Drawings or messaged from friends and family sent by cards, email, text, etc.
  • Current currency
  • Year in Review worksheet filled out
  • School, work, or club rewards and certificates.
  • Message to the Future letters from friends and family
  • Bottle of your favorite candy or drink.
  • Fashion Catalog
  • Travel pamphlets
  • Current ads
  • Papers written
  • Party trinkets
  • Souvenirs
  • Favorite quotes or sayings
  • Cards
  • List favorite books, authors, etc.
  • Top 10 movies or actors
  • Future goals
  • etc.

Talk with your friends and family for other ideas of what to put in your “Any Occasion” DIY Time Capsule. Get your time capsule today at https://www.timecapsule.com/product/milestone-collection-any-occasion-diy-time-capsule/. Also check out the other helpful ideas from Mashable listing 13 Must Have Items in Your 2014 Time Capsule.

What are some other items you can think of to put in a time capsule?  Comment below.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie