What to do your First Week with a Newborn Baby

What to do your First Week with a Newborn Baby

Baby's First Week

You have waited for nine months to have your beautiful baby. The moment is finally here. So, what do you do now? What do you do the first week with a newborn baby?

Take Photos around The House Your Baby’s First Week

The first week can pass by so quickly, let alone the next few months and years. So how do you preserve this intimate week with your new baby? Family and friends may want to come over to help you cook or do other chores while enjoying taking care of your baby too. Don’t forget to hand your friends and family a camera to record what all is happening this first week of your baby’s life. Record how other siblings interact with the baby. Record the first time your baby opens their eyes. Record the loving words you as the mother or father speak to your baby the first week.

Video Record Memories to Last a Lifetime

It may seem mundane some days on the video, but it would be cool to record the first week on video because your baby will never remember what the first week of his or her birth was like. Also, don’t forget to put yourselves as the parents on the video too, showing your facial expressions, feelings, and thoughts about the first week with your baby. Do not just hide behind the camera recording one person. Let your baby see what his or her parents were like in the future, during the first week of his or her birth.

Discuss on the video what family members you believe you new baby got their eye color or hair color from? Whose face do you think the baby looks like the most? It would be interesting to see years later if your baby’s face changes and starts to look like someone else in the family.

Show all the gifts received from your baby shower, now that they are all set up or put away in storage in your home, ready for your baby’s first week. This would be a cool video tour you could have, showing your baby in the future when he or she is grown and what all gifts were received and used the first week of birth. Show who does the first baby diaper change – mom or dad? What were mom and dad’s first reaction to the diaper change?

Questions to Answer in a Baby Memory Book – Baby’s First Week of Life

Talk about your feelings about going back to work or what you think it will be like being a stay at home mother or father. It will be interesting how your thoughts change even one year from now.

Start filling out your baby’s memory book. Think about answering sample questions like:

  1. How often did you feed me?
  2. What was my sleeping schedule like?
  3. How many diapers did you change every day?
  4. How many outfits did I go through each day?
  5. When did I first smile? Who or what was I smiling at?
  6. When did I first cry? Who or what was I crying at?
  7. Who were my first visitors the first week of my life?
  8. What was the first day arriving home like with mom and/or dad?
  9. What was my bedtime routine like the first week?
  10. How did daddy play with you the first week compared to mommy?
  11. What was my weight and height for the first week?
  12. What was my reaction to the first time being in a baby swing?
  13. Did I have hair or what color was my hair?
  14. What was my first outfit I wore?
  15. What did you do with me for our first day outing together? Where did we go?

Mementos - Baby Time Capsule

I am sure you can think of several other things you and your baby did their first week of life. How do you capture the memories? Use the camera and take photos, video record special moments, but most importantly make sure to preserve these memories forever. Check out more helpful first week tips at http://www.parents.com/baby/care/newborn/first-week-with-baby/.

What about Items that Do Not Fit in a Scrapbook?

So what do you do with everything that does not fit in a scrapbook? How do you keep the sentimental memories alive that are attached to objects? Use a decorative Baby Time Capsule from https://www.timecapsule.com/product/milestone-collection-baby-time-capsule-keepsake-gift/. Store milestone moments and preserve your keepsakes, like baby’s first shoes, in the baby time capsule.

Years Later

Your baby can open the Baby Time Capsule, like after graduating high-school, to see what life was like the first week and year in his or her life. What a special, exciting day that will be. Invite family and friends over for a grand opening party.

What do you think is the most important thing to do your baby’s first week of life? Comment below.


Making Milestone Moments Count,

–  Marcie