Creative Thanksgiving Activity – Time Capsule Tablecloth

Creative Thanksgiving Activity – Time Capsule Tablecloth

Creative Thanksgiving Activity

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Thanksgiving.  My second favorite holiday, only behind Christmas!  Thanksgiving is a time of reflection for me.  I think about the pilgrims and their desire to make a new life, in a new land, where they could serve God in the manner they deemed to be righteous.  I think about the sacrifices they made so they could come to this “land of opportunity” to make that new life.  I think about the modern day military, and how they have fought to provide the freedoms I richly enjoy.  I think about my life, and how blessed I have been over the years.

Being Thankful

I do not have everything I want.  There are many “things” that I want for my life.  Yet, I am needing nothing.  I have been places in this world where the people truly have nothing and truly need everything.  Everything from a roof over their head to food in their stomach.  I begin to think about all the things that I take for granted.  The very name of the holiday tells me that I am to give thanks for the things that I have in life.  Most of the time I complain about how expensive car repairs are, yet I have a car.  I complain about how expensive electricity is, yet, I have a home with electricity and computers, lights, and appliances that use that electricity.  I have a warm place to lay my head at night, a job, and wife who loves me no matter what!  I am thankful for each of these things!

What if we were to keep a record of the things we are thankful for?  How would that change our lives?  How would that change the way we look at Thanksgiving?

Preserve a List of what You are Thankful in a Wedding Time Capsule ….for When you First get Married and eat off of your First Tablecloth Together.

Wedding Time Capsule


A Tablecloth of Memories

Here is a suggestion . . .

Go to the store and purchase a plain, white tablecloth.  Do not use the disposable kind, and make sure it is cloth, not plastic.  A few days before Thanksgiving, use a permanent marker to draw lines on the tablecloth so there are “equal sections” on it.  Begin in the center, or in one of the corners (your choice) and write the date of this year’s Thanksgiving at the “top.”  On the Day of thanksgiving, before the table is set, begin the day by going around the room.  Each person should sign their name and write a few things they are thankful for from the past year, or from life in general.  Each year, you can use this tablecloth and write in a new square.  Over the years, this will not only be a record of who was in attendance each year, but a treasured “Time Capsule” memory of our thankfulness.  You may even want to make a rule that no two things can be repeated from year to year.  Each year, you should look at the things from previous years that each person was thankful for!  Once everyone has written for the year, everyone should help set the table and put the food on it!

A Tablecloth to Preserve Forever

It truly is amazing how a simple, plain white tablecloth  can tell so many stories years later in the future. It can become a family’s hand me down heirloom that is treasured for years and years. You could pass this nostalgic gift down in a decorative Wedding Time Capsule, each time someone in your family gets married. What a great emotional gift, I am sure no one else will bring to a bridal shower. For an idea of how to make this wonderful tablecloth, check out


Sample Idea of Things to Write on Time Capsule Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Time Capsule Tablecloth

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So what are some of your favorite family Thankgiving traditions? Comment below. We love to interact with our fans.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Mark