Wedding Reception Fun Ideas

Wedding Reception Fun Ideas

wedding reception ideas

Looking for wedding reception fun ideas? We are continuing the series from our blog category about “Meeting the love of your life,” and the story of my husband and I when we first met and then got married.

If you have been following us, this time I am going to invite you to the scene of our reception. It was fun and memorable to say the least.

Show off your Personality at your Wedding

Use items at your wedding to show what shaped who you are. It was nothing big, yet it was big in the eyes of my friends and family. You see I did not grow up with much money. It was not the usual wedding reception you would expect. My mom and I had fun buying items for the big party and finding them for 75% off. It took a while deciding what to do for our wedding cake. You see, I am a practical kind of girl who has expensive taste. According to my mother, I am just like my grandmother (or her mom who has since passed away now). She had expensive taste on a frugal budget. Growing up in a family with limited resources, yet not really knowing it shaped who I am today.

wedding reception ideas

I am beyond grateful for everything I have today. My parents figured out how to be creative and make my two brothers and I feel like we have money through making crafts out of nothing, making learning fun, and bonding with us using everyday items.

I say all that to say, I have always wanted a great wedding like other girls, yet value money at the same time. My fiance (at the time), Mark, and I agreed that we would rather spend the money saved from our wedding to put on a house. We know how to make a wedding fun with or without money.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Cake

I say all that to say, after looking at several wedding cakes, we decided to be creative and purchased a cake from Walmart. Walmart??? (you are thinking). I know, I know. It  is not the traditional answer you would expect. We bought two large sheet cakes and one smaller cake for my fiance and I. We found a cute gazebo decoration to use as a cake topper with a picture of ourselves in it. It was a big deal to us because it showcased our personality in the cake, and still tasted great. Besides, by having two sheet cakes we could please everyone with flavor and have one white and one chocolate cake.

Wedding Time Capsule with Flowers

Be Creative at your Wedding Reception

other things that set our reception apart were the cute goldfish swimming in a bowl on our table where we sat as the bride and groom. My dad had this brilliant idea to get the fish and put them in a bowl to surprise us. The fish were strange to some, but as we told the story, it made sense.

The fish had memories to me as our family always had fish in a pond somewhere growing up throughout my life. I remember the days of sitting together and watching the fish swim in our back yard. I wanted to have fireworks at the end of my wedding too, but that idea got banned.

We all have our weird, yet fun quirks. It is important to make your wedding reception, yours. It is your one day to shine and show who all has influenced your life and made you the woman or man you are today.

Other Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

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1. Be yourself

2. Be entertaining

3. Include activities for all ages.

What advice would you give to help other with fun wedding reception ideas? Comment below.


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