Things you Wish you Would Have Saved

Things You Wish You Would Have Saved

Things to save in life

What are some things you wish you would have saved in life? Of course, everyone has a past experience; some had a terrible experience, while others enjoyed their past to the fullest. Whatever it is that you experienced in the past, you most likely have some things you wish you have saved in life. Mind you it’s not all about money. In fact, those who saved enough money have one or two things they wish they have saved other than money. In your own case, what are those things? Here are a couple of them…

However, before we note them down, let’s quickly see the reasons why you need to save some things for the future, and why they are important.

Saving something for the future is one of the best ways to keep memories alive and fresh. It is the best legacy anyone can leave behind even for centuries. This type of memory is very important as it brings back past events when you finally see those things in your time capsule. Fortunately, you can save anything you like in your time capsule and keep it for many years. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to rack your brain to remember the good old days.

Your exciting moments

There’s nothing better than saving your exciting moment in a time capsule. These moments could be your first day in the high school, colleges, or university. The rate at which technology is influencing our lives makes it practically impossible to remember those exciting moment just the way it was. Saving those exciting moments would be the best gift to yourself and generation to come. It will not only remind you of past events, but makes you feel happy even when you are in critical condition.

Did you remember the first letter that you received from your hubby? Keeping such letter in a secured place is a good way to tell how much you appreciate him or her.

Things you wish you would have saved in life
Hiker standing on rock and looking out to sea pondering about things he wishes he would have saved in life.

Your vacation events 

Think about the first time you had the opportunity to meet and talk with people of different races, are you likely to come meet them again in the near future? What about the hilarious jokes and funny tradition you both shared together? Probably these are some of the things you wish you have saved in life. A time capsule for such event is worth more than a million, as it tells the story to generations to come.

Your Promises and vows

What about the vows and promises you made during your wedding anniversary? Did you remember the name you intend to give your first daughter? It’s funny, right? You would want to remember all that happened during your wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, the brain cannot hold everything. Hence, you need a time capsule to keep your promises and vows.

Make a Time Capsule Keepsake

Have you promised to get something done before you reach a certain age? You may never remember all what you have promised to do until you find them in your time capsule. This tells you exactly what your past thinking was like and what you ought to have achieved at a particular time.

Keeping such memories is important and would remind you of many things that happened in the past days.

So, what are some things you wish you would have saved throughout your childhood, teenage, or adult life? Save them in a time capsule like the ones in the photo above. Get your time capsule today here. Comment below.


Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie