Wedding Gowns Hand-Me-Downs – Ultimate Time Capsule Moment

Wedding Gowns Hand-Me-Downs – Ultimate Time Capsule Moment

    Well, it is Spring cleaning time. We all are starting to put those Winter clothes away, and break out the shorts and t-shirts. My brothers did not always like Spring cleaning, because that meant hand-me-down clothes time.

    Now, that we all look back at it, it was just smart parenting that taught you how to save money and make use of what you have already.

    Hand-me-downs also help keep memories alive. I remember certain stories, with specific favorite outfits. Many times it is hard to give up that one outfit, even though you know it does not fit anymore and does you no good keeping it in your closet.

    Why is it as kids, we do not want hand-me-downs, but as teenagers or young adults we cannot wait to take that sweatshirt or t-shirt of a boyfriend? Oh the cologne smells that bring up memories, then suddenly it is love and ok to take a hand-me-down. I still have my husband’s sweatshirt from when we first met, and secretly (or not so secretly) sometimes I spray it with his cologne again, put it on my pillow as a pillow case, and sleep on it (smelling him all night long) to feel he is there, when he may be away on business. Like the words in the popular Frozen movie song, sometimes it is hard to “Let it Go.”

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    The Blessings of Hand-Me-Downs

    There is a company that takes this concept to a whole new, angelic, level of giving with a grateful heart. Hand-me-downs are stories of love and loss. I have a few friends who have lost their child at birth, or a couple months after. So this story filled my heart with joy and tears as I read about their cause.

    In Fort Worth, Texas, people are making a difference in lives and paying it forward as they use old wedding dresses and hand-them-down to babies who pass away at hospitals. These special workers transform your old donated wedding dress into baby “angel gowns.” See the inspiring company (NICU Helping Hands) at Learn how to donate yourself, to this great cause, at

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    Wedding Gowns sitting in Closets Everywhere

    Is your wedding dress just sitting in a closet or attic? Save the before and after picture of your wedding dress to “angel gown” in your Wedding Time Capsule. Open this time capsule and story, up again years later, to reminisce how you helped someone leave this world with dignity and beauty. How special is that? Open your heirloom boxes which stores your wedding gowns or dresses, reminisce about your wedding day, journal your feelings, even write a “Message to the Future” letter for the parents of the lost “angel” or child, offering them hope for the future. Then, donate your dress for a great cause. Some dresses are turned into these unique gowns and still given to babies who do make it home and are still healthy.

    I am about to cry, just writing this blog post. I love this cause. We all have stories, share yours with a family in need. Save some of your own wedding fabric in a Baby Time Capsule, to give to your child with a story attached of what you did with the dress. Give this baby time capsule to your own daughter or son, with the fabric piece in it, on her wedding day with the other special memories of your own child growing up.

    You can also save a piece of your wedding dress fabric in your own Wedding Time Capsule with the story attached of what you did to your dress. Open the time capsule at your 25th Anniversary and remind yourself of your caring and loving heart, and your wedding day at the same time. What a blessing that will be to you again.

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    So I challenge you to “Let it Go” as the song says in Frozen. The symbolic love of your wedding dress, is like a time capsule. It holds so many memories, but sometimes it is time to pass on those memories, traditions, and stories to future generations, so it can help others.

    If you want to read another story about what this great company does, check out the article at or
    This is such a beautiful story. Time Capsules tell beautiful stories as they are opened and the children receive your hand-me-downs, in the form of heirloom recipes, encouragement and hope in the “Message to the Future” letters, favorite old toys, stocks, or any other special item you would put in it.

    You can order a decorative Baby or Wedding Time Capsule from and donate your wedding dress with the time capsule to the grieving parents, or keep the time capsule for yourself. Just an idea for you.

    What would you put in a time capsule to pass on to your children? Comment below.

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