How to Make a Bucket List for Your Time Capsule

How to Make a Bucket List for Your Time Capsule

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There has been a popular article circulating on Facebook about “5 Regrets of the Dying.” See the article at We all have at least one older person who is very influential on our lives. I often wondered what my Grandmother regretted. What would she have told me to look forward to as I got older? What would she have said about her own regrets?

I want to live a life without any regrets. How about you? Basically this article said the main regrets are:

1. Being people pleasers and not living or believing in our dreams. You do not know what you have until it is gone. Treasure your health daily.

2. Make time for your family. Do not be a workaholic. Now days we have social media and interactive video calls, so we have fewer and fewer excused to miss important events or talks with our children, even while we are away on a business trip. Make the most of your nightly dinners, by having them at the table and not in front of the tv. Talk more WITH each other, not AT each other. Save those conversations on an audio file or video. Then keep the audio or video in a time capsule to review years later, when we get s busy we forget these memories. Time Capsules help keep memories alive and live without regrets.

3. Don’t hold back your feelings. Take time to teach yourself how to communicate better and more. Forgive more as it pays you in the long run of your health.

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4. Stay in touch with those lost childhood friends. Their value has no end. Give friendship a try. Be a social butterfly. Don’t wait until it is too late to ask for help from your friends. Treasure your memories together with many, many photos. Keep your special moments in a time capsule, then open it together on a friendship anniversary date, and laugh or cry together all over again.

5. Choose to be happy. Life is too short to be sad, upset, or negative. Venture out and try new things. Do not live in your past and be a victim. Choose to be a Victor. Staying in your comfort zone only hampers yourself and those you love around you. Take off your “everything’s fine” mask, and find things to make you laugh and enjoy life.

I would rather take advantage of other’s knowledge and learn from their mistakes, not re-invent the wheel, and live without any regrets. So how do you make a bucket list after reading these life lessons?

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How to Make a Bucket List – You Get More of What you Focus on in Life

I personally want to focus more on my health, family, and friends. I love my family more than life itself. So how can we express our loves in our bucket list?

Think about these five main regrets and the life goals list you want to make to help you stay focused on your loves and dreams to accomplish before you die. Keep a copy of your Bucket List in a time capsule, then, decide on a special date in life to open the time capsule and check to see how you are doing to complete your life goals. Do not let your life slip by.

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Your time capsule can be like an accountability partner for you. If you need step-by-step help creating your bucket list, check out this article at Also check out this sample FREE Bucket List to use, (in photo above) to get you started. Don’t forget to have fun while making this life-long To Do List. Remember to save your bucket list in a time capsule from to open years later and see if you kept your promises to yourself and fulfilled your bucket list.

What would you put on your bucket list? Comment Below.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie

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