Ways to Teach your Daughter about Makeup and Self Esteem

Ways to Teach your Daughter about Makeup and Self Esteem

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“Mom, can I wear makeup now?” I remember asking my mother this question repeatedly, as I would watch her put her make-up on every morning growing up. It was a bonding time for us when we would do our hair together in the morning before she left for work, and I left for school. These were special mornings that I miss dearly, and treasure the lessons at the same time. Makeup and self esteem go hand in hand together. They both have influences on each other.

Finally the day came, when I was allowed to wear make-up. I do not remember exactly how old I was (I believe when I became a teenager at 13, is when my parents let me wear make-up). My mother set up a fun Mary Kay make-up party, so that I could learn how to put the make-up on in a natural looking way. After I grew up, I learned why my mother and father waited. They wanted to make sure I felt loved, accepted, and had a healthy self-esteem before I added make-up to my face.

Take off your Mask

I have always wanted to teach about make up and self esteem to young teenagers and have a make-up party at a school, church, club, or wherever. There are so many girls in this world nowadays, who need mentoring and encouragement on how to be confident, look presentable and professional, and learn dating or marriage advice for to make their futures bright and better. So many girls need poured into in a positive way to help them keep their strong character, even when their make-up mask is taken off.

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How to Use a Wedding Time Capsule to Instill Hope to Girls

As a leader, send out cards to the parents of several youth girls in your church, school, or club. Ask their parents to write a “Message to the Future” letter to their daughters about predictions of their future, your own stories of how to maintain a healthy self-esteem, how to make it through high-school, and generally how to succeed in life as a woman. Then have the parents seal the letters and send them back to the leader of this presentation to all these daughters in a special building you have picked out to hold this conference on self-esteem. You could even have this event at a birthday party for your 13 year old teenager, as she enters adulthood and is now able to wear make-up. I know teenage girls would enjoy a sleepover, and they could each put together their own wedding time capsule, while you speak about self-esteem, make-up, and finding the right future husband.

Makeup and Self Esteem - In a Wedding Time Capsule

Use the Wedding time capsule to store the “Message to the Future” letters in. Each young girl will receive a Wedding Time Capsule. You can get this priceless and precious gift at https://www.timecapsule.com/product/weddingtimecapsule/.

During your make-up party, you can also have small trinkets or keepsakes for the girls to put in each of their own wedding time capsules, for their future husband and themselves to open when she gets married. You could even give away purity rings, for example, or whatever other meaningful souvenir you get or make for this milestone and memorable moment in their lives at this marriage advice and self-esteem conference. If you want help with this idea, check out the FREE facilitator’s guide on self-esteem, with several questions, activities, and stories at https://www.npcwomen.org/resources/pdf/Self-Esteem%20Workshop%20Facilitator’s%20Guide.pdf.

We hope this blog helps at least one girl, through a conference you may put on, or at very least have your own make-up self-esteem party with your daughter.
When did you start wearing make-up? Comment below.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie