Top Unique Baby Shower Gifts of 2013

Top Unique Baby Shower Gifts of 2013

Last year is over, but let’s review what was popular, as far as baby shower gifts.

So you have another baby shower coming up to go to. It can get boring, shopping for the same gift each time. Why not find a great website to go to with a list of top unique baby showers gifts of 2013. Then, you know that your gift is trending and will be less likely to be returned, after you spent all that time finding the “perfect” gift.

I was sitting in my living room, thinking I am snowed in. I do not want to get out to go shopping for this gift. It could take me all day to find that special gift. So I used the internet to shop, like so many people are today. I found the following website to help, and found a memorable gift for my friend. Check it out at:

For all of you who are curious, I really like the Birth Announcement Pillow. This will be such a great gift for years to come. Then the mother will not have to remember what time her baby was born, when she/he is grown up and asks mama that special question so she knows exactly when her/his birthday was. Just cheat and look at the pillow as a reminder.

Similar to this pillow, our Baby Time Capsule captures the important details in the Profile Book, which is included in the Time Capsule. Write down important dates and times of milestone moments for your child, like the first time she/he ate solid food, crawled, walked, etc. Also keep those favorite baby toys in the time capsule, so when she/he opens the memorable gift, everyone can laugh, cry, and tell the story of when she/he was born. What a fun day that will be.

Take a look at the up-close pictures of the Baby Time Capsule on our website at

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