Refrigerator Memories – DIY Craft Ideas

Refrigerator Memories – How your Fridge is a Time Capsule

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What refrigerator memories do you have? What photos do you have on your refrigerator door? We seem to put our most meaningful and proud pictures on our refrigerator door. Ah the smell of fresh baked apple pie lingers in the house. “Mommy who is this?” Aniah points to a picture on the refrigerator. “That is your great grandmother who created this apple pie recipe and many others.”

What is on Your Refrigerator?

You can learn a lot about someone just by looking at their refrigerator, like how many kids someone has or what kinds of pets do they have. What does their daily schedule look like? I know our fridge has many different items on it like photos, favorite quotes, fun magnets, kids artwork, proud homework with a gold star on it, grocery list, to do list, etc. I am sure you can relate.

Your refrigerator is like a time capsule, inside and out. Think about it, what preserved photos do you have on your fridge? Your calendar tracks what you have done this past week, month, year. Save your calendar in an actual DIY Time Capsule, to open years later and reminisce about what you accomplished this year.

Refrigerator Memories


For some fun craft ideas:

  • Turn your old cd’s into magnets for your refrigerator. Go back in time every time you look at your old cd. I am sure you will start singing your favorite old songs too.
  • Reminisce by making macaroni art with your child to put on your refrigerator.
  • Make your own photo magnets by buying magnets sticker sheets from your local Walmart or office supply store.
  • Don’t just throw away that card you just received from a friend or family member, turn it into a magnet.

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Your Refrigerator is a Timeline of your Life

On the inside of your Time Capsule, I mean Refrigerator; you may have leftovers from your grandmother’s favorite apple pie recipe. You may have the top layer of your leftover wedding cake you are saving to eat on your special anniversary. You may even need to clean out your refrigerator due to your moldy and aged leftovers in the back right corner of your fridge. Yuck.

Is it time to clean out your refrigerator? I do not like the thought of cleaning it out, but the other day I realized it is time. With all this snow this past Winter, you get closed in and eventually cabin fever. Winter is a time to get many things done, that I usually put off or do not have time to do during the Spring or Summer. I can always find more fun or interesting things to do when the weather is nice.

There are so many things about a refrigerator that can bring back memories, like the different flavor syrups that we used when we made our first snow cones together last Summer. What about the three quarters full bottle of balsamic vinegar from when you tried to make you first fancy recipe for your husband? That concoction did not turn out as good as the picture you saw on Pinterest. What about that homemade grape jelly stuck to the shelf, that you and the kids spent hours picking and mashing grapes together ,from the vineyard. Ah, memories.

Family History - Any Occasion DIY Time Capsule - Be a Part of History

Clean out Your Life – Create a New Time Capsule

You know our lives can be like our refrigerator. Every now and then we need to do some cleaning, removing old habits, or bitter thoughts of our past. A time capsule and cleaning out your refrigerator is a great way to reminisce, however remember it is all in the past. You can start today and create a clean, new life for yourself by reading motivational books, increasing your self-esteem, surrounding yourself with new and better friends, go on a diet and start exercising, etc. It would be interesting to start a new “Any Occasion” DIY Time Capsule to save different memories from this new clean journey in your life, then open the time capsule years later and see how far you have come.

Refrigerator styles have even changed a lot over the past years. I am so grateful to live today. If I was asked as a kid what do you think refrigerators will look like 20 or 30 years from now, I never would have guessed they would have TVs in them or computers, would you have guessed that? Our technology is so advanced now.

So what is in on the outside of your refrigerator? Comment below.


Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie