Reason Season or Lifetime


Reason Season or Lifetime

There are people in your life that are here for a reason, season, or lifetime. August 16, 2000, is a date that I will remember forever.  I was 25 years old.  I was on summer break from my college, and was working for Nordictrack selling treadmills.  I was having “the summer of my life!”  For the second year in a row, I had purchased a Season Pass to Paramount’s Kings Island with 2 of my friends.  I had been a pastor to these two young men in years past, and they had both worked for me as well.  We were a few years apart, but were still rather close.  Our relationships had gone from that of a pastor and his youth to that of friends.  On August 15th, we had decided to make another trip to Kings Island the next day.  Upon arriving home, I could tell that my brother was having a bad day.  We were both living at home, and my brother was down on his luck.  Life had gotten the better of him that day, and it was showing.  I decided that what he most needed was a day of good old fashioned thrill seeking, so we invited him along.  He didn’t have the money, but that was not a problem.  We convinced him that it was on us and he agreed.

The plan was simple – I had to work in the morning, but got off around noon.  I would head home, change, and we planned on leaving around 1:00.  As with all good plans, it didn’t work like that.  One of the young men who was to go with us ended up being called into work, and didn’t notify us until after he was there and we had been waiting on him to show up.  It was more like 2:30 before we left.  My brother had the nicest car and wanted to drive.  Secretly, I wondered if he was hoping that I would fill up his tank upon our return, and he could get some extra gas out of the deal, but that would have been fine.

Donnie  We never made it to Kings Island.  A few miles from our house, we pulled into an intersection and a speeding SUV “T-Boned” us at around 50 MPH!  The impact killed my brother instantly, and I had to take a rescue chopper out of the accident. My friend was sitting in the back seat and was basically unhurt, but was in shock.  He tried to dial 911 on his cell phone to get help, but wasn’t coherent enough to talk to the operator, so he hung up.  He dialed 911 a total of 16 times in 9 minutes with the same result each time.Now, why would I tell you such a terrible story?  No, I do not need sympathy, or empathy.  I simply want to make a point.  My brother and I had only recently found the kind of relationship that didn’t include fighting.  He was four-and-a-half years older than me, and that made things difficult growing up.  You can ask anyone that truly knew him . . . He was gruff on the outside, but had a heart of gold.  If you were freezing, he would give you the coat off his back but then say, “If you tell anyone, I will deny it . . . Then kick you butt for telling!”I valued that relationship, and was enjoying the way it was changing.  We were getting along and in a lot of ways, were beginning to understand each other; even help each other.  We each had our rough edges, but were both mellowing.  I loved my brother, and I miss him everyday.
My Brother’s Senior Photo
Donald Allan Norton
11-1970 – 8-2000


Reason Season or Lifetime

This reminds me of a poem called, “Reason, Season, or Lifetime.”  People come into your life for one of three purposes:

A Reason – They make a change in your life, or you theirs, then they leave as fast as they arrived.

A Season – They are their for a time, then you simply move on.

A Lifetime – They come into your life, and will never leave, no matter what.

When I think about my brother, it occurs to me that these lines are a little blurred at times.  My brother was in my life for a Season, but the influences he has had on me will be with me for a lifetime.  I have had Friends that have come into my life for a Reason, but they too have changed me for a lifetime.


My brother and I at our Grandma’s

I wish I could tell my brother one more time that I love him.  He would probably smack me on the back of the neck and say, “Quit being so mushy,” or he might say, “Whatever Holmes!”  It would do my heart some good to feel his 4-fingers on the back of my head a few more times.  I would smile and give me a hug afterwards.  He would hug back but say, “Don’t tell anyone I did this.”

It has been almost 15 years since my brother went to be with our Lord Jesus Christ.  I will see him again when I pass from this life.

I leave you with this thought . . . Never loose the opportunity to tell someone you love them.  You may think they are a Lifetime, but God may see them as a Season or a Reason.

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