Memories are Tree Stumps

memoriesMemories are Tree Stumps

Did you know that memories are tree stumps? Recently, my wife and I watched the animated movie, “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.”  I have read many Dr. Seuss books in my lifetime, but I honestly do not remember this one.  As a renewable energy guru, this book made some interesting points to me.

Let me back up a little.  I believe that we need to take care of our environment.  I believe in Solar power, Solar Heat, and Wind Energy.  I have a small solar power system, and I have solar heat on my home.  I believe that fossil fuels are an old and antiquated idea whose time has past.  I believe we can do better and if we do not start doing better soon, our children will pay the price.  Now, with that said, I am also a realist.  I do not believe in “tree hugging” as trees are a renewable energy!  You cut a tree down to build a house, and we can plant 50 more with the seeds from that tree.  Yes, the process will take between 20 and 50 years before those trees can be cut again, but in many ways, this is good for our environment!

Memories are like Tree Stumps

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To me, this story was more a commentary on 2 things  . . . One, we need to manage our resources, and two, we are too eager to move on when we have over-exhausted our resources.  It was not the cutting down of the trees that caused the problem in the story – it was the lack of “paying the price” for cutting down those trees.  The price for cutting down the tree was to plant several more.  This price was not paid, and soon, all the trees were gone.

Manage your Time Well

This can be easily translated into our lives.  The reality is that most of us do not manage our time very well.  We spend too much time at work and not enough time at play.  We spend too much time making money and not enough time making memories.  We spend too much time buying a house, and not enough time making a home.  By the time we figure out that memories are more important than money, and play is more important than work, it is too late for most of us.

This is how memories are like tree stumps. This is the very reason why our company exists!  We help you to preserve memories. Just like a tree has long roots and takes time to grow, so it is with our memories.   When you begin to look at your life as different opportunities to make a new memory, you want to preserve those memories.  This is paying the price for our existence.  We do not want to look back at our life and think about all the opportunities we could have made a memory (All the tree stumps from cut-down trees) . . . we want to look back and see a memory forest of wonderful things we have done that enrich our lives, and the lives of those we love.

Spring Break Activities - Make a Time Capsule

Make a Memory Today

I have ready many mommy-blogs on the internet about, “what to do with your child on a rainy day.”  These days can be tough.  The kids can’t go “out and play” and mommy has no alone time.  The great part about it is that you can spend this time “preserving the memories!”  What if you used that time as an “arts and crafts” time where each child thought of a memory they had over the past week, month, or couple of months.  Once they have an idea, they can find a way to “preserve the memory.”  This can be place into their Any Occasion DIY Time Capsule.

Here are some of the ideas we came up with:

  • Write a letter to their future self talking about their memory
  • Put together a photo collage of them making their memory
  • Write a story about the memory
  • Write a poem about their memory
  • Write a song and record it.
  • Write a poem
  • Draw a picture
  • Paint a picture
  • Make a sculpture
  • Make a video
  • Make an audio/video recording of them telling the story about their memory
  • Make a souvenir that will remind them about their memory
  • Write a story about all the things you would rather be doing on this rainy day

Be sure to mention or draw the people that were involved in making the memory, how it came to be, and why it is important to them.


Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Mark