Milestone Moment: The Checklist to Meeting Someone Online

Milestone Moment: The Checklist to Meeting Someone Online

ChecklistThere I was, sitting at my desk, feeling nervous about what to write.  I had never done something like this before, but I felt compelled to proceed.  You see, I had to get more information.  I had to know.  I needed to see what this was all about.  I began to type.  I began to get more than nervous. I began to get worried, and scared.  What if she didn’t respond?  What if she did!?  “What if  . . . What if . . . What if.”  My mind was filled with possibilities, wonder, and intrigue.  I am having some of those same feelings right now.  Let me explain.

What Not To Do

Eleven and a half years ago, as I experienced those feelings, I was sitting in my office getting ready to send an email to my wife for the first time.  I didn’t even know this person, but somehow I was worried about how she would respond to my email.  I was a divorced man who had a passion to help kids in need, so I had become a foster parent.  My father was worried that I would never find a wife because of this, but I didn’t care.  I needed to pursue this passion.  On one particular afternoon, my adolescent foster child and I sat in my office laughing and cracking jokes about the people that were on a dating website.  A few hours later, I realized that this was not something that I should have done, and I needed to delete the profile that I had created.  As I began the process of deleting this profile, the website required me to remove all the notifications they had sent me for potential mates.  As I scrolled through these notifications, I saw an interesting screen name –FaithfulGodChaser.

The Profile: email-in-a-bottle

Meeting someone online can be exciting and scary at the same time. As I read this woman’s profile, I was intrigued.  Her profile was a beautiful expression of who she was and pointed people to her faith in God.  As a Christian, I found this greatly appealing.  Her profile stated that she had a God sent Checklist for her future mate.  I really wanted to see what this Checklist looked like.  Was this all about hair, eyes and height?  Or was this more about being a non-smoking, non-drinking man who does not beat on his spouse?  I really wanted to know.

The Scary Truth

So, there I sat in my office, trying to start an email to a woman that I had never met.  I wanted to be truthful and honest, but didn’t want to scare her away from the reality that is me.  I told her a little about my life, my problems, and my dreams.  I didn’t know how she would respond, but I decided I had to find out.  I had to meet the person that was this bold in her faith.

I Clicked Send

I finished my email, and I pressed send.  I knew that I was leaving to visit family in just two days.  Would she contact me?  Would I hear back before I left?  Would I hear back at all?  Would she open a conversation with me?  The waiting began.  Each day seemed like an eternity.  I checked my email often and every time there was no reply, a small part of me wondered if I would ever get one. For helpful advice on exactly what to say in a first email to someone you met online, check out

Meet me back on this website to find out what “the rest of the story” holds, and other insightful advice to help you find your special someone, and save your milestone moments in a time capsule. To be continued…..

What are some of your must-haves in a future husband or wife. Comment below.

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