How to Interview Your Grandparents for a Time Capsule

How to Interview Your Grandparents for a Time Capsule

Who can use a time capsule? – Grandparents

This blog is just the beginning to many in this series. Keep checking back to see who else, specifically, can use a time capsule. A time capsule can be for ages birth on up. It is something you do not want to limit by age, because each age has sentimental memories and items of value to preserve in a time capsule. What was one of your favorite memories in your childhood, compared to your most treasured moment in adulthood?

Every summer of my childhood, my brothers and I rode our bikes to our grandma and grandpa’s house, about 2.5 miles away from our home. We could always count on candy or cookies there. It was like a reward for our exercise to get there. Your ancestor’s stories are told at your grandparent’s house. Their home is like its own time capsule, especially if it is a home where they grew up themselves. That is my grandmother’s experience. She still lives in the home she grew up in, having fun, as a kid.

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This is a picture of my cousins, two brothers, and I in front of my Grandma’s house. Good times there.

As we all get older, family stories take on an increasing importance. Our children turn to us t o tell them where they came from. What does your family value? How do you feel about each other? Photos can only go so far to tell your stories. A story with your facial expressions, tone of voice, while holding an actual objet from the story in that photograph, makes old times come alive again. Photographs are only the starting point for capturing great stories. Great story tellers and motivational speakers know this is true.

How to Interview your Grandparents using a Recorder.

Imagine if you lost your memory, would photos be enough to help you remember? Tangible objects or actual items can help you regain meaning of what life was like for you in the past. What tangible items would you put in your time capsule? Also make sure to include a descriptive audio recording or story about your family history. For 50 sample questions to ask your grandparents, check out the interview ideas at or check out the FREE Printable worksheet of questions at

What one question would you ask your grandparent, about what life was like when he or she grew up? Comment below.

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