How to Take Newborn Baby Photos

How to Take Newborn Baby Photos

Newborn Baby Photos

When your child is born, it is probably one of the most important times in your life. Newborn photography can be difficult, yet enjoyable as you are capturing many firsts or milestone moments. Do not let this just be another photo shoot, let this be a special bonding time between you and your child. Show your emotions and devoted love to your child. Cherish and be in the moment with your child in the photography. Photos can sometimes speak louder and better words, than words themselves. Let your photos speak to your child in the future, so your child knows your every thought when he or she sees the picture for the first time.

Newborn Baby Photos are Priceless

Capture every milestone moment of your Baby for their future and yours. This is why we do what we do. We sell decorative Baby and Wedding Time Capsules with special paperwork included in them, like “Message to the Future” letters. It would be awesome to write down your every thought and emotion of how you felt the day your baby was born, where you predict he or she will be in the future, what life will be like when he or she is 18, etc. Treasure, this keepsake moment. Save their hospital baby blanket in the Baby Time Capsule. Hold on to this forever, and then give this lasting gift away to your child when they graduate high-school, so he or she can look back and see what life was like the year he or she was born.

What a special day that will be, as you relive and re-celebrate the birth of your child, as he or she opens their time capsule pulling out favorite items from their first year of life. What a day it will be for he or she to read that “Message to the Future” letter from Grandpa or Grandma who is now gone, and he or she never met. I am almost tearful reading this blog, let alone typing this comment, because it is so true. Get your decorative, artistic, and unique Baby Time Capsule from The latest blog by Huffington Post captures why it is important to start taking pictures from your child’s first day of breath or life. Read the blog at

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Help to Take Newborn Baby Photography

There are a lot of websites out there that help you with ideas of how to take great pictures with your children or family. For 100 tips and tutorials of how to take newborn baby photography, check out or for 7 quick tips, read

Share your love with your child through memorable photography. One of our favorite baby photo ideas is at Make sure to save all your favorite newborn baby pictures in a decorative Baby Time Capsule, to give the baby when he or she is older.

What is your favorite baby photo pose? Comment below.

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