How to Organize Memories and Keepsakes

How to Organize Memories and Keepsakes

A Messy Closet - Organize Memories

I just don’t have time.

I have tons and tons of photos and cute scrapbook pages, but have done nothing with them.

I have talked with countless mothers who have expressed this to me. In the hectic world of making ends meet, taking care of your kids, going on adventures with family, and doing the daily chores at home, it can be exhausting to think about doing anything else sometimes, let alone find the time to do it. People are in the need more and more for organization tips, to try to help them make life better, faster, and easier. It is time for a blog on how to organize memories and keepsakes. We hope these ideas help you.

How to Organize your Kid’s Keepsakes

As I was organizing my own closet this past weekend, I realized how much of a time capsule my closet is. I am sure you can relate when you clean out your closet and find things you forgot about, heirloom blankets, or gifts you received from your kids and do not know what to do with them anymore. You do not want to hurt their feelings, and at the same time you have a hard time getting rid of your keepsakes from your precious children. It is the only way you have left to keep them young.

The Storage Problem:

However, the problem is you need more space in your closet. You need a way to preserve your memories, without them taking up so much space. You need a way to feel like a great mother who treasures her children’s prideful work or gifts. You do not want to have any feelings of guilt and shame for not taking the time to scrapbook about all their work or sentimental photos, so you threw them in a box in the back of your closet, and said “someday I will do this.”

The Storage Solution: Your Someday Starts Today – Introducing The Time Capsule

If I am talking to you and you are reading this saying, yes that is me right now, then you need to listen to a creative, unique, decorative solution. You will not want to hide this solution. You will want to tell others about this solution. If you do not have the time, creativity, or budget for scrapbooking, then this solution is for you.

Organize memories - Baby Time Capsule

1. Clean out your closet or box by laying things out on your table. If you want you can go through all the memorabilia and your kids can help you decide what they want to keep.

2. Take pictures of your child’s artwork or large mementos, souvenirs, nostalgic items, etc.

3. Save the most important remaining items in a Baby Time Capsule to give to them when he or she graduates high school. What a special day that will be as he/she strolls down memory lane opening the time capsule to see what life was like when he/she grew up.

Organize memories - Photo Album

Benefit: Your closet is cleaned and you do not feel guilt and shame as a mother for throwing their valuables away. You will still be loved. You may even be votes best mom of the year, for giving it all back to your child, when he/she is grow, in such a unique gift that is completely unexpected. Invite your whole family over even for a time capsule party. It can be a celebration party as your child now enters the “real world” or college life. If you want more ideas related to how to organize memories and keepsakes, check out or to learn how to organize memories in a photo album, check out

How do you organize all the keepsakes in your home? Comment below.

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