How to Meet Someone New – You are More than What Your Resume Says

How to Meet Someone New – You are More than Your Resume Says

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As many of you may already know, from reading previous blogs (which my husband and I are still building upon – stay tuned), I met Mark over the internet. We are a family owned business sharing our life, experiences, and help to you about creative ways to use the baby or wedding time capsules, latest trends in the baby and wedding industry, and insights about family and milestone moments in life to preserve and pass on for generation to generation. Mark and I have been to some trade shows with our products, and it is a great place to meet new people. It can be very fun, yet awkward to meet someone new at the same time. Let’s learn more about how to meet someone new.

Your Resume Does Not Define You

Recently I have been trying to advance our business, by participating in business webinars and chats with other entrepreneurs. Like so many others, it feels uncomfortable “selling” yourself, when you meet or talk to someone new. Keep in mind, your resume does not define you. You have far more to offer. To build relationships with others, you have to continually give deposit slips of friendship, knowledge, value, care, etc. No matter where we go, this is why my husband and I try to do, and this is how we started to become excited and want to continually talk to each other more and more.

It is easier for me to genuinely find a common subject first to have a natural conversation first, not to mention it eases me more in the connection, to talk about something from everyday life. This is why many people like sitcoms. We all can relate and they make us laugh. It is hard to tell others who you are without telling them what you do too. However, if you want proof that your resume does not define you, just look at your social media accounts. For example, if you are Pinterest fan, you can understand this. Pinterest is just a billboard offering value everywhere, DIY projects, podcasts, blog help, crafting ideas, food recipes (man I am hungry now LOL). Anyways approach the conversation with social media being popular, so let me “share” something with you that might help you too.

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A Time Capsule is like your Resume, Only Better

Hopefully, you are still following what I am saying at this point. If not, feel free to comment below and ask questions. A time capsule, is so much better than your resume, because it fills in the details of the stories in between your stories of what you “do” in life. That is the real reason, why your resume does not define you. We all are humans at our jobs, not robots, with different life stories. A time capsule captures all your stories for years. It is these stories that we want to help you preserve and share with new people you meet in life. For a job interview, we may sound self-centered and look at what the job can do for us, when we should be thinking about what I can do for the company or new friend I just met.

We are All Walking Pinterst Billboards. What is On Your Board That You Have to Offer Others?

When we meet someone new, the usual question is “so what is your story?” Continuing from the conversation about being a Pinterest fan, think about this. If you are an introvert, think about what is on your social media, like Pinterest, and find a common interest to talk about. We are all walking Pinterest billboards. What is on your board that you have to offer others? We usually like to meet new people we can know, like, and trust. Build these three important keys with a new friendship, using your commonalities from social media. I choose to live in a world of paying it forward. I want to share what I know about life, or something that I shared on my Pinterest board or other social media, that may be helpful to a new friend I meet in life.

So, what else is in your time capsule, that you can open (metaphorically speaking) when meeting someone new, whether it is for a job, at a business trade show or seminar, or at a social gathering? You are more than what is listed on your resume. Remember, your resume does not define you. What relationship building goals can you make when you introduce yourself to someone new? Look at this great article, if you want additional tips of what to say and do when you meet someone new at Build bridges with whomever you meet, because you never know how they may be able to help you after you help them. I am so glad that Mark and I introduced ourselves to each other, and told our stories, or we would not have been married.

What is on your Pinterest board, that you can share with others you meet? Comment below.

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