How to Create a Family Tree

How to Create a Family Tree

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It is a time capsule room, every time I walk in. It has a distinct smell, a memorable smell. It is a room filled with memories, laughter, food, family, and friends. It is where we had Christmas every year as a child. To me, it was where Santa came to visit us and I got to sit on his lap. It is my grandmother and grandfather’s basement in their home. This large open room had a huge family tree mural on the wall. There were people on there I have never heard of, but you best believe I have heard their stories.

As a child, I thought it was just an ugly tree on a wall. It is amazing, though, how you perspective changes as you get older. You want more time, and you want time to slow down to keep these memories and stories alive longer. I believe deep inside each of us, we long to know where we come from. This need is our basic longing to be loved, or to feel like we belong to something bigger and special to us.

A family tree is a perfect item to save in your own time capsule. As parents, it is important to start creating this family tree, while your parents, grandparents, and your children are alive. Keep the family tree in a Baby Time Capsule, to pass on to future generations who will help the tree grow. You can get a decorative Baby Time Capsule from


Your Genealogical Journey Starts Here

You could begin on regular paper by immediately writing down the names of you immediate family. There are many benefits from doing this family tree. One of the main ones, is you will never forget anyone’s birthday again, as you will write then down next to their name on the family tree.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

You may already have someone in the family who has taken the time to make a family tree like mine. Call family members and ask. It may save you a lot of time. While you are calling, it is important to take the time to conduct interviews with your older relatives. You may even hear some interesting and funny stories from your loved ones, and past family members. For more ideas about how to do this, check out our blog at

Your relatives may even have extra documentation to help you track back even further, to create your family tree. I am sure you have seen the commercials lately on television, so visit for extra help you may need to build your family tree.

Do you know of any other helpful websites to help others build their family tree? Comment below.

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