Father’s Day Keepsake Gifts

Happy Father’s Day Dad: Father’s Day Keepsake Gifts

Father's Day

Father’s day is just around the corner. What are you going to do? Why not create something different this year, and make it an unforgettable gift that lasts a lifetime.

Record your memories in a book, scrapbook, audio file, etc. That is what a dad really wants – to know he is loved and appreciated.

There are so many stories I remember with my father, like helping make homework fun, to the point that now I love math. I used to cry myself through the math homework, but because of my father’s patience and creativity, he took on my challenge to turn math into games, to help me remember better. What do you remember the most about your father?

How to Remember and Thank your Father

Not everyone will have a happy Father’s day. For some it is a painful reminder that dad is no longer around. It does not have to be that way though. You can still honor your dad by leaving a legacy and telling your children stories about their grandfather. Create a memory book for him. While you miss your father, help yourself through the continued grieving journey and explain to your children what all you learned from him, passing on his wisdom, insight, funny stories or jokes.

Thank your Father with Photos and Memories – Help Keep Traditions Alive

Whether your dad is with you still or not, plan the best Father’s day this year with a gift of shared stories and mementos. Create a gift to pass on from one generation to another, telling your father’s history and contribution to your family. Create a time capsule for your dad.

What to Put in a Time Capsule for your Dad. Make Unique Father’s Day Keepsake Gifts.

A time capsule for your father, is the most personalized gift you will ever give him. You can make this a family gift, having your mother or siblings help, or make is special only from you. Look around your house, your mother’s house, in your old photo albums, in his secret cave man rooms of fun, to find things to put in the time capsule. Ask family members and his own friends to fill out letters or “Message to the Future” notes about where they predict he will be later on in life.

Other Things to Include in Dad’s Time Capsule

• Stories about funny or sentimental moments you had with your father (written or voice recorded).

• Then and Now photos of your father.

• Written letters to him about milestone moments in his life or how he was there for you in your life for meaningful events.

• Include an “All About my Dad” worksheet to fill out for family members.

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• Play a practical joke on him, and put it in the time capsule. You know you owe him for all the jokes he played on you.

• Include your dad’s favorite magazine or newspaper in the time capsule (so when he opens it about 20 years later, he can read about his interests in the past and what life was like then at that time.)

• Current photos of your dad’s house, before he does anymore remodeling. You could also include a picture of his current car he is driving, which will change in the future.

• School projects or drawings from you or your siblings of your dad or made for your father.

• Ticket stubs from special movies seen, or places you went with your father.

• Anything special from his job, to show his accomplishments in life at this time.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started on such a memorable activity and gift for Father’s day. You could even have fun and hide the time capsule in your home, then set up a geocaching game to have him find his own gift, then open the time capsule to see what is inside. Keep in mind, this time capsule can be closed again after he opens it on Father’s day, to be displayed for several more years into the future, when you and your siblings get to decide when he opens it again. When he reopens the time capsule again, in the future, it will be like re-living and re-celebrating this Father’s day all over again. What a fun moment that will be to see whose predictions were right (in your letters), or to just listen to the stories all over again and see how much your dad has changed.

Making Milestone Moments Count,