Creative Ways to Save & Display your Vows

Creative Ways to Save & Display your Vows

    Display your vows

    Your vows are some of the most important words you will ever say to your husband or wife. There are many different and unique ways to save and display your vows.

    Filled with so much emotion during your wedding day, sometimes your vows can also be the hardest words to say. Vows are words of commitment and love.

    How to Display your Vows:

    1. Type them over one of your favorite photos, and then frame it. What a great reminder daily, in your home, of your undying love for each other.

    Vow -1

    2. Display those memorable words on your Wedding Cake. Make sure you take a picture of this beautiful art before you cut into it and endulge. Check out this awesome cake from

    Vow -2

    3. Write your vows out on your wedding day aisle runner, then use it as a great backdrop for a wedding photo. Watch the video of how to make this vow backdrop at

    Vow -3

    4. Embroider your vows, and then frame your crafty artwork of love forever. Making this will give you plenty of time to think about the words you say at your wedding and what they truly mean.

    Vows -4

    5. Keep them in a decorative Wedding Time Capsule, to open years later at a special anniversary to read again. Relive history and the day of your wedding by renewing your vows on that anniversary. Take the other items out of your wedding time capsule and set up your same wedding day display all over again to reminisce about your special day of love. Fill out the special “Message to the Future” letters included to each other to read on that anniversary date of celebration. You can get your Wedding Time Capsule from

    Wedding Time Capsule - Spread Out photo

    More Ideas of how to Display your Vows:

    Check out this other helpful list of ideas to display your vows at

    Whatever your way of display, make it special today. Get started on your Vow display project with these creative ideas. Comment below other ideas you can think of to help others display their love.

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