19 Wedding Day Mementos to Save – Hording is Encouraged

19 Wedding Day Mementos to Save – Hording is Encouraged

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We here at the Original Time Capsule Company want to encourage you to be a hoarder. Save everything you can, that represents your milestone moment wedding day. You never want to forget this special day. There are many things you can collect to relive this day again, and again in the future. Save your wedding day mementos in a decorative Wedding Time Capsule.

You have planned for your wedding day for years. Many of you have dreamed about it since childhood. It involves a lot of details, organizing, communication, shopping, shopping….and did I mention shopping. I love any excuse to go shopping. Don’t you?

Anyways, your unforgettable wedding day takes a lot of energy and time from you, your friends, and family. It is meant to be a memorable event for all. You need to enjoy the memory of this day for years into the future by saving tangible mementos and display it in a unique way.

Wedding Napkin

19 Wedding Day Mementos to Save:

• Wedding invitation
• Ceremonial candles
• Glasses
• Photos
• Swatch or photo of your Wedding Dress
• Flowers
• Groom’s boutonniere
• Top of Wedding Cake
• Itinerary
• Videos
• Copy of menu
• Napkin
• Copy of music used during your wedding
• Facebook posts on the day of your wedding
• Guestbook
• Copy of vows
• Business cards of all the vendors you used
• Wedding magazine your wedding dress came from
• Pictures of every wedding gift you received, with the name of who gave it to you on it.
• Etc

Wedding Day Mementos - Wedding Time Capsule

This list can go on and on, depending on how you showcased your own personality at your wedding. This is a priceless moment on your day. Make sure to have those helpful family members and friends, who stay at the wedding to clean up after your hurry off to your honeymoon, collect these special items for you to save forever. Do not throw them away. Save your special wedding day memories in a unique, decorative Wedding Time Capsule. Get one at https://www.timecapsule.com/product/weddingtimecapsule/

Want More Ideas:
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