Baby’s First Moments to Record

Baby’s First Moments to Record

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You frantically tried to get everything done before the baby came. When the milestone moment day came, you had so many mixed emotions. Now you sit awake nursing your newborn for a couple of months, waking up to cries, and feel very exhausted. The time really does go by fast. You may be overwhelmed with being a new mother, so you forget to write down some of your baby’s first experiences.

Creating Keepsakes – Pass on the Memories of your Baby

What special sounds or sayings does your baby do now, that you want your child to know about in the future? What are some other firsts for your baby, which you want to pass onto your child when he or she is grown? How will your child know what life was like when he or she was born, if you do not record it?

7 New Adventures to Record for your Baby

Record all your special moments you have with your baby that you can. You don’t know what you have until it is gone. Don’t just record the basics, like baby’s first tooth or first time sitting up, but also record the things you may not think of. We want to help you out with some of these things in our blogs.

  1. In my neighborhood, we….

What was life like around your neighborhood when your child was born? Do you remember what your house looked like the first day your baby came home? Was it filled with family and friends waiting at the door to see the baby for the first time? Were your neighbors included in on the excitement of the baby coming home for the first time? What were the ages of the other kids in your neighborhood? Who did your baby play with the most in you neighborhood?

  1. The friends and relatives we visited were….

Who did you visit the most your baby’s first year of life? Did you have much help from your parents or in-laws to raise your baby, or did you live far away from them? What were the reactions of these friends and relatives around the baby? Did any visits include being introduced to your friends and relatives pets? How did that go?

  1. My favorite day trips were…..

What was it like getting your baby ready to go on a day trip? Where did you and your baby go the most? What trip did your baby seem to like the most or least? How did your baby do during long car rides?

Baby Time Capsule with Mother and child

  1. My first time in a plane/train/boat was….

Where were you going when your baby had his or her first experience in a plane/train/boat? Who or what were you going to visit? What emotions did your baby express during the trip?

  1. My favorite places to eat out were…

What places did your baby make the most messes? What seem to be your baby’s favorite foods? What were your baby’s reactions to eating certain foods for the first time, like lemons?

  1. Our first vacation was…

At what age did you decide (as a parent) it was ok to take your baby or a vacation? Why? What was the car or other transportation ride like, during the vacation? Who all went with you on this vacation?

  1. What was your baby’s most favorite part of the first vacation?

What was your baby’s reaction emotionally during the favorite part of their first vacation? Did you purchase any special souvenirs for your baby’s first vacation to remember this special trip?


Make sure to include photos of your baby’s favorite adventures and outings in a memory book or a decorative Baby Time Capsule. What would it be like for your baby, now grown years later to open the time capsule and relive what life was like his or her first year on this wonderful planet? What do you remember from your first year of birth? Help your child never forget, by preserving these recorded answers and other baby keepsakes in an artistic Baby Time Capsule from

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What other first adventure questions would you record in your baby memory book? Comment below.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

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