Baby Book Your First Five Years

Baby Book Your First Five Years

Baby book your first five years

Do you know where your baby book your first five years is? Does your mom still have your old baby album somewhere? Today we are going to talk about things you wish you would have saved from the first five years of your baby’s life.

Linda is clocking 17 in the next couple days and I hope to make it a big surprise on that very day. What could have been the best thing to make her feel on top of the world? Yeah! I will organize a special dinner for her and take her out for shopping. Would that really make Linda feel great thereafter? Apparently, NO! Uh! What else can I offer to make her feel great? Sigh! Fortunately, Linda’s mom has got a time capsule that she has promised to present to her on her 17th birthday. Can you guess what she has in the time capsule and when she started keeping those things in it?

She actually started saving some great things in the time capsule since Linda was five. Now, she felt a great relief because she’s going to surprise her on that very day. So what is it that she saved, and what do you wish you would have saved from the first five years of your baby’s life? Could it be money? Not really. As a mother, here are some of the things I wish I had saved from the first five years of my baby’s life:

Audio and Video Clips

Of course, your baby has started growing big at 6. However, they normally do some things as if they are 3 years old. Do you agree? Most of them do behave as if they are 3 years old, especially if they have siblings who are just 2 or 3 years old. What do you notice about them? Sometimes they cry uncontrollably because of candy and toys. If you should narrate the story to them when they are 15 or more, they won’t really find it funny at all. In fact, they may not believe it. However if you present the clip to them as a gift, they will appreciate it and keep it safe.

Besides, they may engage in some social activities at school, such as running or dancing competition. Having such occasions recorded is a great way to preserve memories. Not only that they will appreciate it if you finally present it to them, but cherish it more than anything.

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Piece of their handwriting, poem, and expressions

Did you even remember the slangs that they used when they were young? What about their handwriting and the poem they have written? If you allow those memories to diminish without showing them in the later years, they will feel bad and probably would not believe whatever it is that you say. Keeping a piece of their poem and expressions in a time capsule is a great way to refresh their memories. It also makes you are caring parent who take care of every important things.

Birthdays and vacation pictures

What type of pictures should you keep for your baby? Starting from age 5, you can keep all the birthday, and vacation pictures in a special time capsule. One of the things I like about keeping birthdays and vacation pictures is that it reminds you of those you have spent time with. The neighbors and classmates in the elementary schools. Who were your baby’s best friends growing up. Save all these sentimental items in a decorative Baby Time Capsule for your child to open and read or review when he or she is graduating high-school. Get your Baby Time Capsule today.

So, what special memories are in the baby book your first five years of life? Share below your favorite memory.

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