5 Ways to Organize Sentimental Items

5 Ways to Organize Sentimental Items

5 ways to organize sentimental items

Who else needs ideas of 5 ways to organize sentimental items? I was walking through my garage on one of the warm days we had so far this year, and realized I have a lot of “stuff.”

Although the problem is, it is not just ‘stuff.’ It is important life stories, journals, objects that I just cannot find it in me to get rid of. I am sure you have been there. Although, it is Spring cleaning time.

Precious Keepsakes

Sometimes we think we do not have time to organize. Many people just sit down each night to watch tv. Why not spend the time putting your pictures in a photo album while watching a movie at the same time. Whatever you do, make sure you store your photos in two different backups. You can never replace your photos.

What about the items that do not fit in a scrapbook or photo album?

You can put things like special wine glasses, graduation cap, sea shells, or other milestone moment items in a shadow box or a shelf. What fun display can you create for everyone to see when they visit?

What about all your old clothes?

You can make a T-Shirt quilt (with the help of a You Tube video). You can also put a favorite shirt in a shadow box as well. What about the idea of cutting up your favorite shirt with the special picture or logo on it, and then sewing it onto a new kid sized shirt for your child to wear? It will certainly be a flashback of memories watching your child walk around your home, in your old college team shirt. Get creative and try to repurpose some of your collections.

How to let go of sentimental items

It can be so difficult to let go when there are many of our senses attached to items. Certain smells, textures, sights, and audio memories can make it difficult to let go. Always remember your memories are within you too. You are not your stuff. You are so much more than just your things. You also never know how much an item that you may donate, may help someone else so much more, value wise. Sometimes holding onto items keeps us from truly feeling freedom. Remember that when you go through your trash, give away, and keep piles. You can still hold onto some things with the pictures of the items, instead of the actual object.

Spring Break Activities - Make a Time Capsule

Make a DIY Time Capsule

It can be difficult to let go, so for the times when you absolutely cannot get rid of something, then you can also pass it on to your future child in a time capsule. When things are so close to your heart, an “Any Occasion” DIY Time Capsule is something special you can use to store your own, your baby’s, or your family’s sentimental items.

Decorate the outside of your DIY Time Capsule with any photo you want. You could even put artwork on the outside. Then make sure to create a label tag for each item you put in the time capsule, so you know why you kept that specific object. Once you fill up your time capsule, include a “Do Not Open Until” date on the lid of your time capsule. You can get your own DIY Time Capsule here, to get started today. What a beautiful treasure to pass on to future generations in your family.

A time capsule is a great way to honor your stories and share them with your children or great grandchildren in the future. Keep the best of the best memories in a time capsule. Stay tuned to our blog as we continue to discuss this organization topic on Wednesday (4-1-15).

What is a way you have learned over the years, to help you organize your sentimental items? Comment below.


Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie