4 Ways to Preserve Keepsake Memories and Heirloom Objects

4 Ways to Preserve Keepsake Memories and Heirloom Objects

Thanksgiving Baby - Preserve Memories

My new niece, Arden.

“Yes, you are officially a new parent Matt.” This is what I said to my brother this past Thanksgiving weekend as we all gathered together as a family. Now we are a bigger family, because he and his wife recently had their first baby. “You are taking more pictures now, than you ever have in the past.” “You are using Facebook more than ever, posting the new baby photos about every week.” That is the sign of new parent syndrome. It is a great sickness to have.

We love to hear and see stories in action, of parents or couples doing whatever it takes to preserve memories. That is what keeps family stories and traditions going. What fun memories did you make with your family this past Thanksgiving? It is never too late, because Christmas is coming up, then we start all over again with a new year filled with special days and events to make new memories.

Baby Time Capsule Preserve Memories

How to Preserve Memories

Kwote App

Kids say the darndest things. It usually happens on the spur of a moment, so how do you capture that? If you are like me, I do not constantly have a pad of paper I am carrying around with me. Also, if I do not write it down that moment, and wait till later I get so busy that I forget to write it down. There are so many apps out there nowadays. Check out one called “Kwote.” It is completely free to use. Get your Kwote app here. Save your child’s quotes on a colorful background, then put them throughout your photo album or scrapbook pages. It is so cool and easy to use.

Save Grandparent Voices

Have a grandparent, baby sitter, family member, or friend, read your child’s favorite book out loud and record it. A great keepsake and from those you love and a comforting voice to listen to years later. You really do not know what you have until it is gone many times.

Holiday Memories

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to gather together around the table and take advantage of the time and get people to tell some of the stories of their life. Get the whole family involved. Make a game out of it. Go around the table and tell about something funny that happened in school. The key is not to wait. There are so many different ways to document these great stories for your kids and grandkids. Collect these memory makers, like old photographs, handwritten letters, newspaper articles, and family recipes while you are eating that delicious traditional pumpkin or apple pie on Thanksgiving day. A new recipe you create today, can become an old tradition years later when passed down from generation to generation.

Preserve Memories and Keepsake Times Photo from: http://www.oysmem.com/why-you-need-to-preserve-memories/


Create a Digital Scrapbook

There are so many options to use and digital scrapbooks you can find on Google. It is an option to dump all those photos collecting on your phone, in a creative keepsake fashion.

What are you doing to preserve your protective photos, slides, audio and video tapes. These are priceless, because they help us bridge gaps of generations in our family. If you are like me or most people, you are storing them in boxes and containers under the bed, or in closets or basement shelves. Preserve family stories and traditions, giving your children an answer to their future questions of where their family came from. Some memories may still be stored in your grandmother’s memory waiting to come out. Where ever they are, they are slipping away and deteriorating waiting to be preserved.

Get started now in preserving your memories and other tangible heirloom objects with a decorative Baby or Wedding Time Capsule from https://www.timecapsule.com.

What is your most valuable heirloom you would want saved in a time capsule? Comment below.


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