21 Creative Ways to Use a Teenage Time Capsule to Build Relationships and Bond

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21 Creative Ways to Use a Time Capsule to Connect with Teenagers

You know, I remember asking my mom and dad when I was a teenager, “If life is like this now, what is it going to be like when my children are teenagers?” It was a rhetorical question, one of the many that came from my random thoughts as a teenager. I have always been one of those kids who was told, “you are wise beyond your years.” My parents made it a goal to consistently make sure they were bonding with us in positive ways. When I worked as a counselor in my own private practice, I heard many different life stories from young kids and teenagers. It is vital, to find anything and everything you can to communicate to teenagers about their world, even if it is a time capsule.

This blog is a continuation about who can use a time capsule. These priceless and treasured gifts can also be used by teenagers. During a time of great confusion, a teenager is trying to discover his or her identity. The following is a list of 21 ways to use a teenage time capsule to connect with with adolescence on a deeper level.

1. Write a “Message to the Future” letter to yourself about where you see yourself after you graduate or get married.

2. Use the time capsule as an anonymous container in your youth group, for kids to put questions or comments on slips of paper to leave for staff to read once per week, or have teachers from your teenagers high-school, fill out a letter about predictions of where they see him or her in the future.

3. To put your nostalgic memorabilia in, from childhood, to open years later and reminisce about what life was like during that time in your life.

4. To save love letters from your first boyfriend, to review later when you meet “the one.” What a fun day that may be when you read those old letters from your “first” official boyfriend. A time capsule will help you remember this “first” or milestone moment in your life.

5. Adolescence is an adventure in of itself, of which includes many exciting events that need to be preserved in a profile book of yourself that you can include in your time capsule.

6. For a teenager, giving them the privacy they so desperately want, is connecting with them. Let them develop their independence, as they learn skills of how to make it in life on their own, by encouraging them to keep extra money in their time capsule like a savings bank with emergency money.

7. For a teenager, a time capsule is similar to diaries, journals, or saved emails to yourself. Time capsules can be a place to work out difficult life questions, as you write about your feelings and changing relationships.

8. Connect with your teenager by using the time capsule to teach them about what to hold on to and what to let go. Let them put those emotions on pieces of paper or in a letter, put their old favorite shirt or toy in a time capsule, to bury or put away for years, helping them forget about it and let go.

9. Leave your teenager a letter, in the time capsule, about what life was like when you were a teenager. Then have your teenager open the time capsule with the letter in it and other significant items you saved from his or her life so far.

10. In the time capsule, leave a list of positive words that describe your teenager. Make it look nice on special paper, that maybe he or she will want to frame and hang on the wall.

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11. Show you listen to your teenager, and put something significant in the time capsule and then give it to them to open as if a present. For example, put a favorite book, movie, or music, etc in the time capsule.

12. When you feel your daughter is of age to wear make-up, put a set of different colors of eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish, etc in a time capsule and have a special party as she enters adulthood. You could even invite her friends over for a make-up party.

13. Write a love letter to your teenager, and say how proud of them you are. Leave it in their time capsule, telling them when they can open it, for their special surprise.

14. Let your teenager use the time capsule as a place to write out the full story of what happened (during a problem in their life or if he or she made a bad life decision). This helps your teenager get the whole story out, before you react or jump to conclusions.

15. Create a favorite, new, recipe together and save it in their time capsule for years so they have it for when they get married.

16. Keep a souvenir from your fun vacation together, in their time capsule.

17. Take great photos of moments with your teenager, or their friends, and preserve them in a time capsule for years. Then, at their graduation, open the time capsule and reminisce about the “good old days.”

18. Keep a gift or memorabilia from a shared hobby or passion, you have spent time doing with your teenager, in the time capsule. None of us really truly understand what a special time in our lives meant, until it is gone or your teenager has left for college far away.

19. Put the keys to their first car, in the time capsule, then let them open the time capsule when they receive their driver’s license.

20. Make a college survival gift basket kit, with the time capsule holding many significant items from their childhood, you feel he or she would want to preserve and take to college.

21. Make a bucket list to keep in your time capsule, to see what all you have accomplished by the time you open the time capsule.

I hope this list of ideas is just a start for you to connect better with your teenager. A time capsule is a gift that keeps on giving and giving. Pass on your life lessons, and preserve your teenager’s milestone moments in a time capsule. Help your adolescent tell his or her own children what life was like when he or she was a teenager, with the use of a decorative time capsule from https://www.timecapsule.com. For other ideas of what to put in a teenage time capsule, check out http://www.education.com/activity/article/Make_High_School_Time_Capsule/

What is one thing you would put in your teenager’s time capsule? Comment below.

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      Thank you for commenting. Good luck to the teenage years with your oldest. I hope these ideas really do help you bond closer to him or her. Please share our website with your friends and family who may be having a baby or bridal shower coming up. Thanks for visiting.

  1. richelle says:

    Great blog post, Marcie! As a parent of 2 twenty-somethings I wish I had done this. I have some much stuff saved but no order or organization. Love your Time Capsule concept!!

    • Marcie Norton says:

      Thank you Richelle for your kind comments. Keep in mind you can still use the time capsule to this day, even though you have older children now. It would be awesome to receive my nostalgic memorabilia still collecting dust at my parent’s home (which I have forgotten about), in a time capsule. I am looking forward to getting to know you more during Creative Live.

    • Mark Norton says:

      I hear you. That is really why the time capsule was created. It is so much faster and easier to just drop your sentimental items in, and be done with organization. Thank you for your kind comments. – Marcie

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    Thank you so much for visiting and read my posts … This is so me I always say that i have nothing to wear lol great post for all those teenagers out there for the future :0) I just so love your idea of capsuling all our memories for future times.

    • Marcie Norton says:

      Thank you Kristina for your comment. I knew there were many adults who could relate to the quote about not finding anything to wear, and I remember saying it myself, so I had to post it at the top of the related teenage blog. Anyways, be sure to let your friends and family know about our unique baby and wedding time capsules, especially those people with baby or bridal showers coming up. They make awesome gifts. Thanks for stopping by.

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      Even though you do not have kids yet (like myself) it does not mean you cannot go ahead and write “Message to the Future” letters to your future children, or your nieces or nephews now. That is what I am doing myself, and collecting things in a baby time capsule for them. Making one for yourself is also great too. Stay tuned in the future, for blogs about new and exciting time capsules coming. Be sure to share be sure our website with your friends and family, and let them know about our unique baby and wedding time capsules, especially those people with baby or bridal showers coming up. They make awesome gifts.

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