How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself

How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself

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During the time when my future husband and I were emailing back and forth, then eventually talking on the phone together, I had to keep my “Future God-sent Checklist” in mind. I did not want to stray from my priorities in life, my goals, and get too swept away by love. I wanted to make sure I was still loving myself, before I gave my love to someone else. Is that selfish? I questioned that at first myself when my parents taught me to make a checklist of what I want in a future husband. Again, as mentioned in my blogs earlier if you have been following, no one is perfect. You can catch up on these blogs by checking out the category called “Meeting the Love of your Life,” or starting the blog series at

My parents explained to me that you have to have a healthy self-esteem, before entering a relationship with a boyfriend, or future husband, let alone meeting new friends. These are certainly messages I will pass on to my own children in their Baby Time Capsule. I learned it is not selfish at all to love yourself first. How can you keep giving to someone else, if you are not given to first? How can a car keep going, if it does not have gas in it first? Do you understand now?

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So What do You Include in a Love Letter to Yourself?

It is rare that we receive cards in the mail anymore. What would it be like if you received a love letter or sentimental card in the mail? How would you feel? What words of wisdom, messages of hope straight from your own heart could you tell yourself today to help you in the future, feel loved and cared about?

The Challenge

Go to the store and pick out a love card to send to mail to yourself in the future. What words would help you feel special, valued, or cherished? What boosts your self-esteem? Write about the one thing you like about yourself physically and personality wise. Then, write out your own checklist of how you would want your future husband or wife to love you. When you are done, seal the envelope and put it in your own Wedding Time Capsule. Keep a spare copy of your checklist out for yourself to review as you are going through your dating years. On the day of your wedding, open the time capsule and let your future husband read the letter or card. What a momentous way to affirm yourself that you will be loved and a great way to say thank you, to your husband now for loving you the way you have always wanted to be loved. Also, now that you are married, you can start the time capsule all over again as a couple, or as one love collecting new memorabilia to save over your first year of marriage. Then, on your 20th anniversary open up the Wedding Time Capsule again, to reminisce what life was like the year you were married. What a special occasion that will be. You can get a decorative Wedding Time Capsule from


Watch the following video for examples of what to put in your letter. Also check out Oprah’s inspiring quotes about self love at to get you motivated to create your own checklist. You truly are special, so find a future husband or friend who believes that and loves you for whom you are.

What is one sentence you would write in your love letter to yourself? Comment below.

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Write a Love Letter to Yourself