Wisdom in the movies

Wisdom in the Movies

up-adventurebookMy wife and I recently watched Disney Pixar’s animated Movie Up. Now, I realize that this movie is rather old, but I feel it necessary to state that this blog post may contain some spoilers.

I found this movie to be interested in several way. Yes, it was rather weird, but there were definitely some things that made me think. One specific thing was the “Adventure Book.” In the beginning of the movie, we see the young boy and girl getting to know each other. She has her “Adventure book” that is only started, and not completed. The back section of the book has a lot of blank pages under the heading of, “Things We’re Going To Do.” Her intent is to fill in the book with all the adventures they will have together and specifically, the adventure they are planning to “Paradise Falls” in South America.


As they grow old, life gets in the way of the couple having the South American adventure they both want. As she dies, her husband believes that the book has never been completed. Their greatest adventure was never achieved together and he begins to live a life of regret. He believes that it is too late. Then, in an interesting twist, he decides to take that adventure on behalf of both of them.

As our hero begins to take the memories of his wife on their greatest adventure he is side tracked by several things. This poses an issue for him as he is on a time constraint. He must complete his adventure before time runs out. (You will have to watch the movie to understand.) In order to complete his mission, he turns his back on his friends and looses sight of what is truly important.

With his mission complete, he settles in and again finds his deceased wife’s “Adventure Book.” He begins to thumb through it and does not find what he expects. He expects to find the same book he saw as a child. A book filled with empty pages. The surprise is that he finds a book full of memories. Wedding photos, picnics, things they have done together. Her final page is a picture of them just sitting in their chairs with a note saying, “Thanks for the adventure – now, go have a new one. Love, Ellie”

[quote]Thanks for the adventure – now, go have a new one. Love, Ellie[/quote] The amazing thing about this to me was the wisdom. For a child’s cartoon, this had a deep and impacting meaning to me. It seems to me that many times in life we become consumed with something big. We focus on the things that we are going to do, and forget that everyday is an adventure in and of itself.

I have heard it said, “The measure of life is not about the number of breaths you take, but the number of things that take your breath away.” The reality is that life happens on a daily basis and memories are made by having dinner with your family. Memories are made in conversation. Memories are made by tea time with your daughter and basketball with your son. Adventures can happen in a tree house or on a hike. These are the priceless memories that can never be replaced. Record these in your journal for the future. Put those memories in your Wedding Time Capsule.

Keep pictures of tea time in your Baby’s Time Capsule

This is what I am going to do. These are the memories that will be priceless when I am gone. These are the things I want to be remembered for. Now go make your own memories that can be shared.



Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Mark