Where is a Good Place to Meet Someone you Met Online?

Where is a Good Place to Meet Someone you Met Online?

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So with more and more couples finding their future mates on the internet, we wanted to continue to share our story of how we met, and offer helpful advice at the same time. Today we will discuss where is a good place to meet someone you met online.

Talk on the Phone First, when you Meet someone Online

Over the next few weeks, we talked and talked.  I calculated how much we had talked when I received my cell phone bill.  Back in the day, you could get a detailed bill showing every phone call that had been made or received during the month.  I had my bill set up this way.  As I looked over my bill, I totaled it up.  67 hours!  We talked 67 hours in the first month of talking on the phone!!!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  It was about time that we meet in person.

Romantic Date Idea

Normally, when it comes to dates, I am a bit of a romantic.  My favorite was when I was in Tennessee, and I took my girlfriend up to the Smokey Mountain Picnic area for a date.  We had a candle-light picnic in the middle of a creek, on a large rock, while one of my friends chauffeured and another acted as our server.

Get to Know Each Other as Friends First

But this was not a date!  This was me meeting a girl that I had been talking to as a friend, over the internet.  This was two friends that had never met hanging out together for the first time.  Because I wasn’t trying to be romantic, any excuse would do.   Hockey and a concert!  Indianapolis Ice hockey game and a Zoe Girl concert!

Meet your Online Date in Public Places

Now, I know what you are thinking . . . Are you nuts?!?!?!  The short answer is, yes!  I am not into sports.  I also don’t listen to Zoe Girl.  Yes, I have heard of them and they are an alright band, but they are a little juvenile.  My niece listens to them.  It is what I had.  If you don’t go to bars, what does a person do with their friends in Indianapolis in February?  The options were limited.

So, we set it up.  Since this was not a date, I promised her that there would be a “group” going.  At the time, I was a foster parent for teenage boys.  I had one teen living with me at the time and he had a girlfriend.  This “group” was four people, including her.  I called a family member and he brought his girlfriend and her two kids.  That made eight in the “group” now.  I called two friends of mine that were dating they agreed, and then Marcie told me that her brother would go.  That made 11.   That is a group, right?

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I ordered the 11 tickets from Ticket Master.  and everything was set.  We figured out a plan . . . Her car was not good, so I would go pick up her and her brother.  I would bring my foster kid and his girlfriend so that the group would be together immediately.  Then it happened . . . I woke up Saturday morning (The concert and game were Saturday night) and it was snowing.  Now, I am not a person that is scared of rain, or snow.  I don’t mind driving in it as long as things are not really bad.  When visibility drops or the roads get slick, I would rather stay home.  Today was not one of those days.  All day I watch as the snow fell.  Half an inch.  One inch.  One-and-a-half-inches.  I did not check my email and I turned off my phone because I did not want her to say not to come.

All  day I wondered if I was going to be out the money that I had spent on these tickets, or if we would actually meet. . .

I was worried.  I was nervous.  I was disappointed.  I was determined.  I was going to do this . . . one way or another. So did I go and pick her up? Find out in our next blog in the category “meeting the love of your life.”

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Tips on Where is a Good Place to Meet Someone you Met Online

  • Meet somewhere in public, that is safe, comfortable, and relatively quiet so you can hear each other talk.
  • Always take someone you know with you.
  • You can meet somewhere, like a coffee shop, to get a quick assessment if words over the phone and photos shared, match who they are.
  • Pick somewhere with fun activities around, so you can go do something together if you want the date to be longer.
  • Pick somewhere that you already know is of interest to both of you, but again keep it a public setting.
  • Meet with a group of friends, for your first date or meeting. This helps set the mood to be more like a business or recreational meeting, allowing everyone to part their ways on a less awkward stance.
  • Tell someone you trust, where you will be, how long you will be gone, and give them a phone number to the place you are meeting at.

Wherever you go or whatever you do when you meet “the one,” make sure to save all your memorabilia from your first dates. Save your letters or cards you send to each other, whether through the mail or email. Save your souvenirs from your adventures or events together as a date. Put all this memorabilia and mementos in your decorative Wedding Time Capsule, to open on a future anniversary and reminisce or relive what life was like when you went on your first dates. Get your own artistic Wedding Time Capsule from https://www.timecapsule.com/product/weddingtimecapsule/.

What is your advice to someone, about where is a good place to meet someone you met online? Comment below.

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