What We are All About – Family First

What We are All About – Family First

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    Saving Today’s Milestone Moments, because they are Tomorrows Precious Memory.

    A little bit of our background

    This is our company saying or “mission” for why we do what we do. It all started with a girl who was extremely frustrated by the lack of keeping traditions alive in families. I remember sitting in my counseling office helping young children and adults. Life sure does seem to go by so much faster than in the past. We live in a microwave instant world, and it is hard to slow down sometimes and live, let alone remember what we did yesterday sometimes. I grew up in a family with both of my parents being teachers and entrepreneurs. You have to be creative when learning new things sometimes, so it sticks in your mind. My parents taught me the importance of family first. My parents taught the importance of bonding times with your children, the importance of leaving a legacy, and the importance of keeping memories alive.

    My husband and I worked in Real Estate for years too, and we met a lot of families with many different backgrounds. We loved hearing their stories and serving them as if our own family members trying to find a house they could call “home.” Every home and family has a story. Read my blog about how to make a time capsule for your home, coming soon to our blog on a computer near you. You can read this blog at https://www.timecapsule.com/time-capsule/how-to-make-a-time-capsule-wall/.


    We personally do not have any children, but we are working on that. We have a dog who acts like a child. Her name is Cinnamon and really is the “spice of our lives.” I am an aunt, and you know sometimes I have to remind myself this quote seen in this photo. I tend to save a lot of things from my past and cannot wait to share it all in messages of hope, inspiration, and down to earth advice in a time capsule for my nieces and nephews, let alone my own children in the future.

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    Once in a while a special opportunity comes in our lives

    My husband and I were blessed to become the new owners of The Original Time Capsule Co. We could not wait to start. Everyone has a story. We all have some tips or advice to share with others, especially our own family members as they grow up. What’s your story? It seems to be the question a lot when meeting someone new in public, at work, school, church, special outings, etc.

    We believe that your memories should be showcased in something beautiful enough that you would buy it without putting anything special in it. We provide decorative and unique Baby and Wedding Time Capsules, for you to treasure your precious milestone moment memories in.

    Problem: Scrapbooks are great, however how do you keep your child’s first pacifier or favorite shoe in it, and still close the book?

    Solution: A time capsule is a great way to store your favorite mementos or souvenirs from that special vacation. Our time capsules are decorative, so they can be displayed for however long you want (they make great additions to your newly decorated baby room, living room fireplace mantle, or bedroom shelf. Where ever you choose, they are not ugly, cardboard boxes. Although, for those hoarders who cannot decide, you may need an extra box, to store your favorite items that will not fit in the time capsule. The Baby and Wedding Time Capsule is art within itself. It is up to you to have fun and personalize it. No one will ever have the same time capsule.

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    Remember Family First – Have a Time Capsule Party Celebrating a Family Member

    Many families have a time capsule party, when it is to be opened. Invite your friends and family as you all sit around and watch each item being pulled out of the time capsule, years later. Oh, the stories, laughter and tears which come with this event. It leaves some speechless and filled with joy as everyone sees how far you have come in life. What would you put in your time capsule?

    Check out our website at www.timecapsule.com

    We are continually learning and growing, so keep checking out our website throughout the year. Don’t let it be like a time capsule and wait 10 years before you check it again. Ha Ha. We will be having new products coming out in the near future. That is our “Message to the Future” to you letting you know ahead of time. Ha Ha. As you can read, we like to have fun around here as a family owned business, but do not get me wrong, there are hard times as I am sure other entrepreneurs can understand. By the way, if you are a distributor or retail shop, contact us and we can send you our manufacturer price cut list. We would love to help you add these unique products to your store.

    Other Time Capsule Ideas

    For more helpful ideas of what our products are and how to use them, check out our blog and other social media links.

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    Well that is enough about who we are and what we do. Connect with us at the Ultimate Blog Party, and get to know us more or how we can help you at http://www.5minutesformom.com/88897/ultimate-blog-party-2014/ from April 4-11, 2014. We look forward to talking with you and getting to know you more. Now back to making memories with my niece, Skylar. What are you spending your time on today? Comment below.

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    IMAG0250My husband Mark, and my niece, Skylar.

    Making Milestone Moments Count,

    – Mark & Marcie Norton


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